CASE STUDY : The Woman With The Issue Of Blood. – Mark 5:25-34.

How did she get her healing…

from 12 years of suffering, losses and shame?

1.: She heard about Jesus.
That is, she heard the Word and believed in what the Word can do.

2: She made up her mind that that’s all she needs to receive her healing and total deliverance from the sickness that doctors could not cure.

3: She took steps in the direction of her decision, refusing all oppositions and discouragement.

4: She released her faith in the power that the Word carries.

5: The power in the Word responded to her faith and gave her a testimony, immediately! Yes!

Because God’s power will never tell you, “Come back tomorrow. “No! It’s always “straightaway “, “immediately”!

That will be your testimony too, in Jesus name!

Never let the devil have the last say in your life!


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