Now, tell me, who does that?

The purpose of making investments is to guarantee a more fulfilling and comfortable tomorrow.

This is the wisdom I was sharing with a lady in a counseling session yesterday.

She was so distressed,, worn out, and wanted just one thing – one thing!

“I can’t do this anymore! “, she kept saying,as she wept bitter tears of frustration and anguish!

Now, here’s a marriage into which she has invested so much in house rents, school fees, putting food on the table, etc for years!

But thank God for the comfort of scriptures that i’ve been flooding her heart with “mercilessly”!

Now, it doesn’t look like the end of the world anymore, praise God!

Woman, don’t give up on your marriage! Let the devil know that he is too small to rob you of the profits and joy of the investments and sacrifices you’ve put into your marriage.

You’re built to last baby! Filled with the fullness of God to wear out whatever wants to wear you out. Yes!

Never allow Satan to make you the victim. No! That’s what 1John 4:4 is saying about you! Come on girl! Show him the stuff you’re made of. He’s the one that should give up, not you (Read Luke 4:13-14).

I command every storm, every war, and every boisterous wind raging in your marriage, family or any other area of your life to cease, now, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Rejoice girl! Yes!


#marriage #familylife

#fighttowin #nevergiveup

#thedevilisaliar #peace

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