The Word of God is God’s only and unfailing prescription for our total health.

And it works continually whether you’re sick or well.

By the quickening ministry of the Holy Spirit in you, the Word is continually being made life and health to all your flesh.

To live free from sickness and disease you must plant the Word of God concerning healing in your heart – from where you keep drawing it out with your confessions of faith to minister it to your body.

Yes! That’s the way it works.

Satan cannot stop the power of the Word from working for you!

Because when you plant the Word in your heart you must reap a harvest.

So stop trying to reap a harvest of healing when you have not first planted any healing seed! It’s not magic!

Now, like Pastor Chris would say,

“Go for the Word! And when you get a hold of it, keep saying it; keep saying it… “

Meditate on these scriptures :

Proverbs 4:20-22;

Joshua 1:8;

Romans 8:11;

Galatians 6:7.

– #DrAdaEzeka





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