Healing is spiritual and can only be accessed through that which is also spiritual.That is, YOUR FAITH.

Faith is a spiritual force that resides in the recreated spirit of the believer. So no faith, no healing.

“And he said unto her, ‘daughter THY FAITH hath made thee whole; go in peace and be whole of Thu plague. ‘”- Mark 5:34.

God said in Exodus 23:25,

“I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. “

How does he do that? By your faith! It is with your faith that you plug into God’s healing power (which is loaded in his Word ), to download your healing for your benefit.

That’s why I always say, “Every sickness is “healable! ” Yes! Just let faith be present.
I see your faith in divine healing (i.e. miraculous healing) working so powerfully for you right now in Jesus name!

Just speak and act what you believe, right away. For, “we believe therefore we speak… with the heart man believes and with the mouth he confesses (speaks)what he believes. ” – 2Corinthians 4:13 & Romans 10:10.

You have a testimony, in Jesus name!


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