“What a man can do, a woman can do”, you say?

Hah! I tell you, what a woman can do is incredible work already! Just stay with that, and let the man stay with his!

I tell women, “God sent you into the man’s life to help him,; not to take over the job! “

Wisdom is the name of the game, sister! Don’t let your good turn around to be the undoing of your marriage!


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I tell you, if you think money more than you think God…

If you look to money and not God to meet your needs…

Then… you’re not the one controlling money!

Rather, money’s got you “wrapped around its little finger”, so to speak!

Be delivered today,in Jesus name!

Lamentations 3:26 says, “It is good that one should hope and wait patiently for the salvation of the Lord. “

You can never see shame truly trusting God (Psalm 37:5)! Praise God!








I saw from the scriptures that it is God that blesses. Yes!

The blessing that makes rich comes from God and God alone.

Well then, if truly it’s God that blesses, then you need to make a quality decision to hang around God.

¤ It’s time to stop hanging around men!

¤ It’s time to stop looking up to yourself, your job, your business , etc!

¤ It’s time to stop planning your life around your salary or monthly/weekly or daily income!

No matter how you try, none of these can offer a sure and lasting respite from the biting recession.

And don’t even think things will get better because they won’t. I tell you!

Since you were born, did you ever hear that prices went down after a while and things went back to normal? Think…

Come on, it’s time to “lobby” God (instead of men) for what he gives! Yea! Because what God gives is not available anywhere else but with him.

Do you really want to know? I’ll tell you…

(to be continued… )

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Text : Matthew 21:28 – 30
“…A man had two sons, and he came to the first and said, ‘Son, go work today in my vineyard.’
He answered and said, ‘I will not.’, but afterward he regretted it and went… “
The parable continues to verse 30…

In response to their question,

“What shall we do to work the works of God? ‘

Jesus answered the people,
“Don’t work for perishable food…’ “

In another translation it says, “Don’t work for possessions…”
(For further details, read Jeremiah 48:7 & Matthew 6:19-33).

In John 6:30 Jesus asked, “What work will you do…? “
And from his references to work, especially with his own life, I came to understand work from God’s perspective; that is, what real work is.

Real work is : what God does through you (by his power at work in you) more than what you do….

Nicodemus, marvelling at the dimension of Jesus’s result in his ministry, said to him,
“… for no man can do these signs that you do except God be with him! ” (Read John 3:2-8).

Only the work that God does through you by his own power and by his own might actually has a record in heaven, while men keep record of the work you do on your job, business, career or profession that you get salary or income for.

That was what Jesus meant by “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven… ” (Mattw 6:20).

So, real work as God originally ordained for man is:
☆ Work that heaven treasures…
☆ Work that manifests heaven on earth…
☆ Work that enables God to reach and touch humanity with his love and goodness – Acts 10:38; Acts 11:19.
☆ Work that has eternal and not temporal value…
☆ Work that advertises the reality of God amongst men…
☆ Work that puts a heavy demand on your divine potentials and God-given gifts and talents, more than on your intellectual and academic training or prowess – Read Matthew 25:14-15.
☆ Work that is in the pursuit of God’s purpose for sending you to this earth – Ecclesiastes 3:17; Matthew 1:21; 1John 3:8.
☆ Work that is a product of Christ living out his person and life in you… Colossians 1:27
☆ Work that is a product of the Spirit and power of God working in you to produce results (impact) that transcend generations; that last for eternity – 1 Corinthians 2:4
☆ Work whose results and impact prove that the life you have, and are living is of God – John 14:10; 1John 3:2; Acts 2:22…
☆ Work that glorifies God on the earth…

Jesus said to the Father in John 17:4,
“Father… I have glorified thee on the on earth; I have finished the work you gave me to do… “

☆ Work that is a product of divine life (the life God-zoe) in you; not as a result of human will and efforts (Zechariah 4:6; Phillipians 2:13)…
Because as the life, so the work (John 3:2); and as the work so the life (3John2).
That is, the character and quality of your work, is a function of the life you have…

If you function with just human life, you can only get results that human beigns can get.

And if you function with the life of God in you, you will get the same dimension of results that God will get…







It is one thing to succeed with your sons and daughters; but I tell you, it’s another thing all together to succeed as well with the sons and daughters that God adds to your family as sons -and -daughters – inlaw! Believe me!

Many of our sons and daughters are suffering terrible harassment in their marriages from “MONSTERS”-inlaw who think that just because they were good mothers to their sons and daughters means they can be good mothers-inlaw as well.

Successful practice in any endeavour (especially the one that involves life and people), requires specific principles and approach which must of a necessity be learnt.

Knowledge and understanding to handle any role in life must be learnt, otherwise there will be so much irreparable damages. And when it’s family, the damages go down generations!

God said in Isaiah 1:17a: “Learn to do well… “

Which means, whatever you don’t first learn to do, you will definitely not be able to do it well, no matter how much effort you put into it!

Jesus also said in Mark 12:24 that the reason we make mistakes or produce below our divine capacity is because we don’t know what God requires of us; or how he wants us to do things. Jeremiah 5:4 also reiterates this truth.

Things can change, and we can do better if we possess better knowledge and understanding; which in effect arms us with appropriate skills. Thats what Proverbs 24:13-14 have to say.

I trust God for Grace and unction.




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In Proverbs 18:22, God wants every husband to understand that in giving him a wife,He has qualified him for favour. That is, open heavens and guarantee for stress free success and prosperity.

This means that if a man does not treat his wife well, he stands a chance of losing God’s backing and favour. And of course, Satan takes over.

This demands that a man handles his wife with love and care, if he doesn’t want to be in God’s black book.

The consequence will be a life of struggles and losses. The scripture cannot be broken. God did not give us his Word just for reading,but much more for doing.

While would a man report or castigate his wife before his family members?

Or why would a man sit there and watch hus wife being abused, insulted or dressed down by his mother, father, sister or brother and say nothing? No matter what she has done.

Doesn’t that husband know that whoever or whatever hurts your wife (your God-given helper for life) is actually hurting you?

Don’t you know that anyone who disrespects your wife doesn’t really have respect for you?

They love you, and they can’t love your wife? Ha! Shine your eyes man! Don’t be a muggu!

And your children are watching how their mother is being treated. They are watching, they’re not talking but they’re filing it away in their hearts for the future! Ha!

Husband, God says you’re the savior of your wife, you’re the spiritual covering God has placed over her for her protection and well-being. If anything happens to her God will hold you responsible! I tell you!

If you can’t protect your wife in your family who will? She has left the love,peace, joy, security and prosperity of her own family to become one with you.

Remember also that she is also somebody’s child, handed over to you in trust.

And her parents are watching, they are praying! May their prayers work for you and not against you o!

God is seeing your wives tears of anguish for your betrayal. And God responds to women

For more information read:Ephesians 5:25-31; Malachi 2:13-14; 1 Corinthians 11:3-10.




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As I’m sitting here meditating on the awesome and so effortless success of the three days of the just concluded Woman You’re Too Much Conference 2018, which featured:

* Pastor’s Wives’ Summit
* Men’s Workshop
* Will You Marry Me? Talk Show for Singles
* Mothers’ Day

I wasn’t tired for even a second!
I wasn’t stressed or frazzled one bit!
I had my act together all the way!
Nothing went wrong at any point!
No disappointment whatsoever!
Perfect order of things!
Even the weather partnered fully with us! No anxieties!

I cannot but marvel at how God always helps me to end up making all things beautiful, furnishing me with more than enough money to power all that my heart has conceived to do to see people maximally blessed and happy that they came.

I marvel at God’s commitment to me and whatever he puts in my heart to do…I see Philippians 4:13 fulfilled in my life time and time again.

In the midst of my counting my blessings, and marveling at why I always enjoy such effortless success in everything I do, I remembered a very important part of it all. I remembered my husband’s part in all these…

My husband never misses any opportunity to speak blessings into my life each time…

* I give him a prophet offering after i return from a preaching engagement…

* He comes into the kitchen and sees me cooking…
“Mummy, should I bring you a seat? ” he would ask.
” Should I bring the fan in here? ”
I will tell him not to bother… And he will start blessing me…

* When he comes out of his study and sees shopping bags on the table, checks and sees that I just bought provisions for the house…He starts pronouncing blessing over me.

*When any of the girls gives birth to a new baby, and I go to take care of them… He calls everyday, blessing and thanking me profusely for all that I do for him and the children…

* When he finishes eating a good meal he knows I’m the one that cooked it, he says, “Mummy, thank you!…
God will continue to honour you!
The world will hear your voice! Men will serve you!
You will continue to enjoy favour from God and from men!
I love you! ”

If you remember that blessing is empowerment to succeed, and that God confirms the words of his servants, then you can understand why I enjoy God’s backing and supernatural provisions for success in life and Ministry.

God continues to use men to do for me and give me things beyond what my husband can give me…

Even if you’re not rich enough to buy gifts for your wife, or to give her the kind of life and comfort she desires, at least speak kind and encouraging words to her that God can use to make up for your inability.

Don’t speak wicked, hurtful and demeaning words to your wife!

God brought her into your life as “a good thing” to help you – Proverbs 18:22; Genesis 2:24. If you hurt your helper, who will help you?

If your words render her hopeless and helpless, and an emotional wreck, what kind of wife, mother and homemaker will she be?

Even if you’re hated and despised, don’t hate and despise yourself!

Even if your husband has abandoned you for another woman, don’t abandon yourself!

You were not just created for your family alone, there’s a bigger picture…Dive into God and Catch it! Be constantly self inspired and self encouraged!

Even if you’re not appreciated, appreciate yourself, honour yourself!

Pity-party, shedding secret tears, emotional foolishness and sliding into depression will kill you before your time…And you know you must live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour in your husband’s and children’s lives. Yes!...Read Isaiah 65:20-22.

Even if you think your husband doesn’t love you anymore, remember, you have a Father in heaven who loves you with an everlasting love…and cares for you affectionately and watchfully…

Get intimate with him, and stay connected to him! Let your expectation be from him always, not from your husband, your children, or anyone else for that matter!

God, your father will never find fault with you. Yes!


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Text: Esther Chapters 1-10

You see, the most remarkable thing about Esther’s one night with the king, was not her change of story, or her becoming Queen. No!

It was, much more, the revolution that her becoming Queen brought in the whole nation.

* What you become in God is primarily for others to become what God wants for them.

Simeon said of the baby Jesus at his dedication, “Behold, this child is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel…” – Luke 2:34.

(Of course, it will always be a two-edged sword. Was Esther becoming Queen not also for the fall of Harman?).

* When you become what God has programmed for you to be on this earth, somebody’s story/status is about to change.

Did Mordecai’s story and status not change when Esther became Queen?

* We are made/changed to be used of God to make others, so that their circumstances can also change.

* Esther’s change of story turned out to be for the rising of Mordecai, the deliverance of the Jews and for the falling of Harman and all the enemies of the Jews (God’s people).


* You see, you’re useless to God now as you are in your struggling, beggarlly, pitiful, poor and lowly state! Yes!

* Your story can change!And your story must change!
I mean, your story just has to change!

* There is something you must become in this life! There’s a position you must rise to for such a time as this, , for the falling of those who must fall, and for the rising of those who must rise! I tell you!

Can you imagine? One young woman’s change of story sparked off such an unimaginable revolution in a whole nation! God and his people just took over and began to decree and determine what happens in the nation. The king became a mere instrument of authorizing God’s decrees in the land.

All because of just one beautiful girl whose story changed! A slave girl! An orphan! A nobody!

But her story changed! Suddenly, she became so influential! She had power with God, she had power with men! And God could now use her to make life better for others. Alleluia!

Come on! God is no respecter of persons – Acts 10:34 & 35.
So you could be that person both God and your nation have been waiting for!

So, arise! Shake yourself from the dust o son of God! Put on your strength! Put on Christ, in whose image you have now been recreated! So, you’re not disadvantaged in any way! Start knowing some things brother/sister!

You have heard it said, “Becoming The Best You Can Be.” I need to let you know however, that in Christ, legally, God has made you the best you can be, fully furnishing you with all that you need to make it all manifest in the world of men here on earth, for his glory and for the benefit of others.

So, get to know who you are, what you have and what you can do in Christ, and begin to function in those realities for a life that speaks, a life that counts for generations…

Read: Philemon 1:6; 2Timothy 2:15; 2Timothy 3:15-17;1Corinthians 15:10; Colossians 1:27; Ephesians 2:6 & 10.

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If you’re a man…

Please read 1Corinthians 7:1-2, and Proverbs chapter15, from verse 5 to the end…

You will see that God has arranged for all of a man’s sexual desires to be satisfied in his marriage…Yes!

So, I really don’t know what you’re looking for outside…

Stop hurting your marriage and family…

They mean the world to God. Yes! 😡😡😡








To tell the Beauty Oueens:

“Yes, you are more”, I told them.

* Womanhood is synonymous with dignity…

* Your beauty is a gift from God. Don’t use it to live a reckless life that will cast a blanket of darkness over your tomorrow…

* You were not created for beauty pageants, you were created for marriage and family – Genesis 2:18-25.

* But if you are given the privilege of being a beauty queen, it’s not a licence to jump into bed with other women’s husbands…it’s not an excuse to market your body…

* It’s a God-given opportunity to command results and impact that will make people change their minds about the woman. * Many beauty queens have come and gone and are forgotten…

* But you can use your tenure to make such awesome impact that will announce your state, your country, your family, and make you a beauty queen never to be forgotten…

* You were created for a husband not for a boyfriend…

* You were created for a husband not a sugar daddy…

* You were created for your husband not for someone else’s husband…

* That you’re crowned a beauty queen doesn’t make you a sex toy for men in high places…

* Many young women so misuse their bodies that after marriage they become victims of all manner of sicknesses and diseases…

* Many give birth to just one child and they’re looking like a basket…

* Sexual immorality destroys destinies…

* Stop living your tomorrow’s life today, otherwise, when you get to your tomorrow, you won’t find any life there…

* Use the opportunity you have been given as a beauty queen to join the crusade of Restoration of Dignity to Womanhood…”





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