Text: Exodus 14:13-16
“And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Why do you cry to me…lift up your rod and stretch your hand over the sea and divide it…’ “

See, if God is leading you towards the Red Sea, to cross into your “promised land”, it’s because he knows the Red Sea can’t stop you. Yes! Instead, it will part for you.

God expects you to:
* Keep speaking the language of victory – 2Corinthians 4:13.

* Keep speaking your confidence in God.

– Exodus 14:13.
* Don’t mind the distractions, the negative voices, etc.

-Exodus 14:11-12.
See also Hebrews 12:2 (Amplified).

* Keep the communication line between you and the Holy Spirit open. How?
-By keeping your heart fixed on what God has promised or told you; unwavering in your faith in his ability…
-Exodus 14:16
-James 1:5-8
-Romans 4:18-21
-Luke 1:45

Note however that faith works in the heart…Not in the head, not in your feelings or emotions. So don’t let the devil mess with your head or your emotions, okay?
-Romans 10:10
-Mark 11:23-24
-Jonah 2:8

God’s Word has to be in your heart and in your mouth before it can do anything for you. Yes!
-Matthew 12:33-35
-Joshua 1:8

Paul said to the Corinthian Christians, “You’ve been so spiritually illiterate I couldn’t talk to you… “

That will not be the case with you, in Jesus name! So you must go for knowledge – revelation knowledge.

I mean, accurate, exact, precise and full personal knowledge of God, the finished work of Jesus, and the realities of the New Covenant.

No more religion! No more assumptions! No guess work!

When you resist the devil (any Red Sea) on the platform of faith anchored on accurate knowledge and understanding, he will flee from you (as in terror)! I tell you!






#noshaking #nofear


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