1Corinthians 15:36-38

It is God that makes babies male or female in the womb.

So, that your wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy or girl, is neither her making nor your’s.

Note that your sperm that ferterlizes your wife’s egg to make the baby is neither a male of female sperm.

What your sperm carries is life that comes into this world as your child.

Don’t let science deceive you. God’s purposes and intentions were already pre-determined and perfectly in place before science came.

It is God that chooses whether to give a male or female body to that life to come into this world with (in your wife’s womb).

“But God gives it (your seed) a body (male or female) as he pleases;and to each seed its own body.”

And he doesn’t do that arbitrarily, or by guess work. No!

He does that based on the purpose or assignment he has predetermined for that life growing in your wife’s womb here on earth, even before you married your wife. Yes! See Jeremiah 1:5.

What God expects of you is not to gripe or murmur about the sex of your child, but to take conscious responsibility to raise, train, nurture, guide and prepare that child and make him or her ready and available for God to use…See Proverbs 22:6 and Malachi 2:15.

Meditate on these things…And may the Lord give you understanding, in Jesus name!


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