Not, “Your money or your life? ” this time… lol!

Have you ever heard some women say, “The only reason I’m in this marriage is because of my children…”

Listen sis, you’re not in that marriage for the children’s sake, you’re in marriage for your husband’s sake!

Please read Genesis 2:18-25; in case you’ve forgotten why you went into marriage in the first place.

Note also that the children are the seed of the man, not yours! Read Psalm 112:1-3.

And of course,remember you came into the marriage because of the man; there were no children…

So, your success in motherhood will never take the place of your failure in marriage! No!

Recently God said to me… “Many women have succeeded in motherhood, but not as many women have succeeded in wifehood!

(Wifehood is your ministry to your husband, while motherhood is your ministry towards the children – none should take the place of the other).

To say that you’re in that marriage just because of the children, is like saying, ” Oh, I love these mango fruits! I can’t do without them! ”

You do?! Really?

And you go, ” Oh yes I do. But the mango tree can go to hell for all I care! ”

Excuse me?


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