As I’m sitting here meditating on the awesome and so effortless success of the three days of the just concluded Woman You’re Too Much Conference 2018, which featured:

* Pastor’s Wives’ Summit
* Men’s Workshop
* Will You Marry Me? Talk Show for Singles
* Mothers’ Day

I wasn’t tired for even a second!
I wasn’t stressed or frazzled one bit!
I had my act together all the way!
Nothing went wrong at any point!
No disappointment whatsoever!
Perfect order of things!
Even the weather partnered fully with us! No anxieties!

I cannot but marvel at how God always helps me to end up making all things beautiful, furnishing me with more than enough money to power all that my heart has conceived to do to see people maximally blessed and happy that they came.

I marvel at God’s commitment to me and whatever he puts in my heart to do…I see Philippians 4:13 fulfilled in my life time and time again.

In the midst of my counting my blessings, and marveling at why I always enjoy such effortless success in everything I do, I remembered a very important part of it all. I remembered my husband’s part in all these…

My husband never misses any opportunity to speak blessings into my life each time…

* I give him a prophet offering after i return from a preaching engagement…

* He comes into the kitchen and sees me cooking…
“Mummy, should I bring you a seat? ” he would ask.
” Should I bring the fan in here? ”
I will tell him not to bother… And he will start blessing me…

* When he comes out of his study and sees shopping bags on the table, checks and sees that I just bought provisions for the house…He starts pronouncing blessing over me.

*When any of the girls gives birth to a new baby, and I go to take care of them… He calls everyday, blessing and thanking me profusely for all that I do for him and the children…

* When he finishes eating a good meal he knows I’m the one that cooked it, he says, “Mummy, thank you!…
God will continue to honour you!
The world will hear your voice! Men will serve you!
You will continue to enjoy favour from God and from men!
I love you! ”

If you remember that blessing is empowerment to succeed, and that God confirms the words of his servants, then you can understand why I enjoy God’s backing and supernatural provisions for success in life and Ministry.

God continues to use men to do for me and give me things beyond what my husband can give me…

Even if you’re not rich enough to buy gifts for your wife, or to give her the kind of life and comfort she desires, at least speak kind and encouraging words to her that God can use to make up for your inability.

Don’t speak wicked, hurtful and demeaning words to your wife!

God brought her into your life as “a good thing” to help you – Proverbs 18:22; Genesis 2:24. If you hurt your helper, who will help you?

If your words render her hopeless and helpless, and an emotional wreck, what kind of wife, mother and homemaker will she be?

Even if you’re hated and despised, don’t hate and despise yourself!

Even if your husband has abandoned you for another woman, don’t abandon yourself!

You were not just created for your family alone, there’s a bigger picture…Dive into God and Catch it! Be constantly self inspired and self encouraged!

Even if you’re not appreciated, appreciate yourself, honour yourself!

Pity-party, shedding secret tears, emotional foolishness and sliding into depression will kill you before your time…And you know you must live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour in your husband’s and children’s lives. Yes!...Read Isaiah 65:20-22.

Even if you think your husband doesn’t love you anymore, remember, you have a Father in heaven who loves you with an everlasting love…and cares for you affectionately and watchfully…

Get intimate with him, and stay connected to him! Let your expectation be from him always, not from your husband, your children, or anyone else for that matter!

God, your father will never find fault with you. Yes!


#grateful #gratitude

#thanksgiving #myhusband


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