In Proverbs 18:22, God wants every husband to understand that in giving him a wife,He has qualified him for favour. That is, open heavens and guarantee for stress free success and prosperity.

This means that if a man does not treat his wife well, he stands a chance of losing God’s backing and favour. And of course, Satan takes over.

This demands that a man handles his wife with love and care, if he doesn’t want to be in God’s black book.

The consequence will be a life of struggles and losses. The scripture cannot be broken. God did not give us his Word just for reading,but much more for doing.

While would a man report or castigate his wife before his family members?

Or why would a man sit there and watch hus wife being abused, insulted or dressed down by his mother, father, sister or brother and say nothing? No matter what she has done.

Doesn’t that husband know that whoever or whatever hurts your wife (your God-given helper for life) is actually hurting you?

Don’t you know that anyone who disrespects your wife doesn’t really have respect for you?

They love you, and they can’t love your wife? Ha! Shine your eyes man! Don’t be a muggu!

And your children are watching how their mother is being treated. They are watching, they’re not talking but they’re filing it away in their hearts for the future! Ha!

Husband, God says you’re the savior of your wife, you’re the spiritual covering God has placed over her for her protection and well-being. If anything happens to her God will hold you responsible! I tell you!

If you can’t protect your wife in your family who will? She has left the love,peace, joy, security and prosperity of her own family to become one with you.

Remember also that she is also somebody’s child, handed over to you in trust.

And her parents are watching, they are praying! May their prayers work for you and not against you o!

God is seeing your wives tears of anguish for your betrayal. And God responds to women

For more information read:Ephesians 5:25-31; Malachi 2:13-14; 1 Corinthians 11:3-10.




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