Text : Matthew 21:28 – 30
“…A man had two sons, and he came to the first and said, ‘Son, go work today in my vineyard.’
He answered and said, ‘I will not.’, but afterward he regretted it and went… “
The parable continues to verse 30…

In response to their question,

“What shall we do to work the works of God? ‘

Jesus answered the people,
“Don’t work for perishable food…’ “

In another translation it says, “Don’t work for possessions…”
(For further details, read Jeremiah 48:7 & Matthew 6:19-33).

In John 6:30 Jesus asked, “What work will you do…? “
And from his references to work, especially with his own life, I came to understand work from God’s perspective; that is, what real work is.

Real work is : what God does through you (by his power at work in you) more than what you do….

Nicodemus, marvelling at the dimension of Jesus’s result in his ministry, said to him,
“… for no man can do these signs that you do except God be with him! ” (Read John 3:2-8).

Only the work that God does through you by his own power and by his own might actually has a record in heaven, while men keep record of the work you do on your job, business, career or profession that you get salary or income for.

That was what Jesus meant by “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven… ” (Mattw 6:20).

So, real work as God originally ordained for man is:
☆ Work that heaven treasures…
☆ Work that manifests heaven on earth…
☆ Work that enables God to reach and touch humanity with his love and goodness – Acts 10:38; Acts 11:19.
☆ Work that has eternal and not temporal value…
☆ Work that advertises the reality of God amongst men…
☆ Work that puts a heavy demand on your divine potentials and God-given gifts and talents, more than on your intellectual and academic training or prowess – Read Matthew 25:14-15.
☆ Work that is in the pursuit of God’s purpose for sending you to this earth – Ecclesiastes 3:17; Matthew 1:21; 1John 3:8.
☆ Work that is a product of Christ living out his person and life in you… Colossians 1:27
☆ Work that is a product of the Spirit and power of God working in you to produce results (impact) that transcend generations; that last for eternity – 1 Corinthians 2:4
☆ Work whose results and impact prove that the life you have, and are living is of God – John 14:10; 1John 3:2; Acts 2:22…
☆ Work that glorifies God on the earth…

Jesus said to the Father in John 17:4,
“Father… I have glorified thee on the on earth; I have finished the work you gave me to do… “

☆ Work that is a product of divine life (the life God-zoe) in you; not as a result of human will and efforts (Zechariah 4:6; Phillipians 2:13)…
Because as the life, so the work (John 3:2); and as the work so the life (3John2).
That is, the character and quality of your work, is a function of the life you have…

If you function with just human life, you can only get results that human beigns can get.

And if you function with the life of God in you, you will get the same dimension of results that God will get…





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