Text : Malachi 2:15-16

A “godly seed” is not a child that went to the most expensive school, or scored As all through school. No!

Neither is it the one that can quote or recite the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (“the letter killeth..”).

A godly seed is one that has been consciously raised and empowered to walk with God,and to fulfil divine purpose,in the fear of the Lord!

No boarding school, nor any school for that matter, can do that for your child…

Many parents (including even Christians, who are supposed to have the mindset of the righteous, ate transfering their God-given responsibility of raising their children for God, to boarding schools…

No boarding school can ever create a home environment for your children to grow up in…

Because God designed children to be raised in the home to be like their parents…Read:

– Genesis1 :11 & 14

– Mark 4:1- 11

– Luke 24:49

Only a child raised with the Word of God can be described as a godly seed. Who best to guarantee that but his/her parents…

Is this possible with once a month visit to the boarding school? Or about three months holiday in a year?







I would love to hear from you!

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