TEXT: Malachi 2:15-16
Marital union must be spiritual, otherwise it will never work!

In other words, if you don’t get spiritual about your marriage, you may soon not have one anymore.

That’s what God is saying in the two verses of scripture above:

“Did you not hear that I made them one (The male and female-in marriage)… therefore take heed unto your spirits… for the Lord your God hates divorce… “

So you see, people divorce not because the marriage didn’t work, but because they didn’t work at their marriage with spiritual intelligence!

They were doing marriage with human, cultural; traditional, intellectual, emotional and every other sense you can think of!

It is impossible for a husband and wife to attain the oneness that sustains marriage and keeps it working, if they are not spiritually-minded about their marriage.

To be spiritually-minded about your marriage is to know that God is involved and interested in your marriage; and to seek to know and understand his thoughts, ways and recommended wisdom and principles to make it work.

I believe this is the primary reason many marriages are not working as God designed it to. People are in marriage more for what they want than what God wants.

If God and posterity are your focus in marriage, you will be inwardly fortified to face the challenges,endure the hardships (like a good soldier the bible says).

You will stand strong in the Lord and frustrate the devil until he gives up. Because winners never quit. And why don’t winners quit?Because their eyes are on the trophy!

The Word of God is spirit and life. God has made it available in abundance to keep you strengthened spirit, soul and body to overcome every adversity life in marriage throws at you.

That’s Why he said in Proverbs 24:10 that if you fail in the day of adversity (that is if you allow the challenge to overcome you and throw in the towel), it’s because your strength is inadequate to macth the challenge; and not because the challenge was greater or impossible!

This is because God said every challenge is common. That is, whatever you think you’re going through in your marriage is not unique!

Please give your marriage a new approach! Get SPIRITUAL!



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