ZEAL IS NOT ENOUGH! – 1Corinthians 14:42

You see, we can’t confuse God with zeal…

That we are zealous,and that we have abundance of resources is not enough.

God weighs our zeal and everything by the level of knowledge and understanding powering our motives and actions.

God will never bend his rules, or close his eyes to disorder and unethical approach to whatsoever we do for him and in his name!

That’s why he took the throne from Saul and gave it to someonelse.

Saul meant well, but he didnt do well. He did not do the good did as commanded.

Same with Cain!

Same with David, and Uzzah took the brunt of God’s dis-satisfaction for the method David chose to bring home the ark.

Good intention; but unethical approach!

So,good intention is not enough! Zeal is not enough!

“We have the money” is not enough! God is not an anyhow God!

We have a Kingdom to advertise on this earth. Let’s be mindful of its ethics, ways and manner of life…

God will be happy, and our results and success will be more supernatural! (Ecclesiastes 10:15). Praise God!


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@ The Resurrected Assembly…yesterday.


You’re only a vessel of honour to the dimension that you’re functioning in the assignment/purpose for which you were created…

A vessel of honour is a vessel of importance of value, etc.

Of what value is a vessel that is busy performing every other task but the main task it was made for?

And again, of what value is a vessel that is sitting there helpless and idle, just “encumbering the ground”, or just occupying space?

The woman is the most important and valuable creation of God, whose function decides the wellbeing of the man, the family, the community, the nation, the church, and the society at large…

But the wrong labels and definitions which the world, tradition, culture and even religion has given the woman, have greatly incapacitated her usefulness and effectiveness in fulfilling the purpose for which she was created…

Consequently, many women are functioning with false identities and very counter productive self esteem that have made them such vulnerable preys to the menfolk, the entertainment industries, etc…

Otherwise, why should a woman choose to market her body or looks for money?

Why should a lady choose prostitution as a means of livelyhood, no matter the circumstances?

Why should a lady go after a fellow woman’s husband?

Why should a woman choose to be a 2nd or 3rd, 4th, even 5th wife? Tell me!

Of course, she doesn’t know who she is, and why she was created a woman…

I said in my new book, Woman! Where are you?
“If you don’t know who you are, how can you be who you are…”

Who you are is who you were created to be. The woman was created to be, primarily, a wife,then a mother and homemaker…

Until she has proved her importance and value in these three- dimensional God-given assignments, whatever else she succeeds in does not impress God…

Because the greatest reward, honour, blessings, fame, wealth and authentic and lasting recognition a woman can ever get or enjoy in this life, will come from God. Because he alone knows her true value…

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