Families don’t wash their dirty linens in public!

Many of us have very terrible people in our families (armed robbers, murderers, 419ners, cultists, thiefs, prostitutes, etc), but we don’t come to Facebook or sit with people and talk about them, or make moviesabout them!
But why do believers, who are all blood purchased members of God’s family do that about themselves?

How do we expect the unbelievers to desire to join the family?

What Jesus gave to us is the “ministry of reconciliation”, not the ministry of judging, castigating and condemning one another!

God is still working on us with his Word and his Spirit and the five-fold ministry…

Till we all come into the unity of faith, unto the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, unto a perfect man -Ephesians 4:8-13. Praise God!

A house/family divided against itself cannot stand – Matthew 12:25.

And let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls!

I love the family of God (the body of Christ) anyhow – both the good, the bad and the ugly! Yes nah!

After all, “As he is, so are we… ” – 1John 4:17



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