If you’re waiting for the day God will show some sympathy for you and what you’re going through….

You’re like, “God,where are you? Can’t you see what I’m going through? “….

Hmmmm! You will wait forever. You know why?

* Because God never sees you as an object of pity!

* Because as he is so are you in this world – 1John 4:17.

* Because he has given you his own kind of faith to handle any situation – Matthew 17:20.

* Because he knows you know what to do to exhibit your victory status in Christ.

Paul and Silas, for instance, didn’t throw a pity-party in their distressed situation and wait for God to attend.

No! They engaged the winner’s strategy, and God showed up in style! Come on!

Read about this prayer and praise party in prison, where they were bound in stocks, (bleeding from the merciless beatings they had received) in Acts 16:25….

No more pity parties, okay?

No more folding your hands and wearing a sorrowful face to attract sympathy, okay?

You’re more than that jor!


#sraregize for #victory always




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