God wants your money to multiply (Deuteronomy 8v13).

But he said to

” Only money that is working multiplies. Lazy money, sitting there in your bank account (or wherever it is you have stashed it away) doing nothing,can’t amount to anything, can’t bring you any profit!”

God does not give us money to keep, God gives us money to give!

Read Ecclesiastes 10:19b, Luke 6:38, Proverbs 11: 24-25.

You are only as rich as you give, not as rich as your salary, your profits from your shares and stocks, or business deals, or whatever any man gives you (Acts. 20:35).

Paul said your account swells as you give,not as you keep (Phillipians 4:17).

Your real wealth is not how much money you have in your bank account…

Your real wealth is how much money you have given/invested in the kingdom.

People look at what you have and call you a really blessed man…

But God looks at your record of giving and calls you “Blessed!”

Friends, the new creation life is a giving life, not a life of accumulation.

As a believer, you are as wealthy as your giving.

God’s financial system is different from the world’s. Let’s change our style!