When you make resolutions, don’t forget them✏


Today is my birthday and I choose Joy! 💃💃💃

Many are blessed with the gift of “natural drive”. They remember the agendas on their to-do list even without looking at the list, they have a brilliant idea and they instantly run with it, they can successfully handle 100 agendas at a go, the level of their results and successes are very obvios -they leave the rest of us wondering “how does she do it?”

Does it sound like I sort of drifted?

Let me try to connect the dots -about abandoning your resolutions.

I believe the difference between this naturally driven superhumans and the rest of the world is that they write their visions, make it plain on a table and run with it! In a less KingJamesy translation; they follow through with their plans. They have schedules that with all their might they try to keep. When it seems…

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¤ Every great or successful person you see on this earth, is a product of time and opportunity maximized. Yes.

¤ If you play with opportunities that come your way, you’ll never become anything great enough to affect or impact other people’s lives.

¤ God uses people to give you opportunities that will provoke the best in you for maximum impact.

¤ People who are careless with privileges and opportunities given to them can never taste greatness!

¤ Opportunities make time meaningful. They give you the privilege to put something useful and lasting into your time.

¤ Opportunities give you the privilege to do something today that will guarantee your tomorrow.

¤ People who get to their tomorrow and find nothing, are people who were careless with opportunities. Yes.

¤ Every man’s time here on earth is loaded with opportunities designed to make time meaningful and productive.

¤ The time allotted to you in life is wasted, if you do nothing with opportunities that come your way.

(Culled from the book: “TIME AND OPPORTUNITY” – by Ada Ezeka).