Text: Malachi 2:15; Proverbs 22:6

Do you know that the greatest hurt and damage that children suffer in the home is not their parent’s inability to give them a good education, good food, good clothes, a comfortable home or the bare necessities of life? No!

It is living and growing up in a choking and debilitating atmosphere created by their parent’s troubled marriages!

The constant strife, arguing, quarelling, abuses, fighting and suppressed animosity and pretended unity between dad and mom, is literally stunting the children’s growth, axphysiating their intelligence and corrupting their hearts!

They’re not talking! And their parents are too consumed by their own selfish desires and expectations of each other to even notice what their unhealthy relationship is doing to the children!

It is children from such homes that grow up to become victims of juvenile delinquency, cultism, armed robbery and other societal vices!

They’re the ones that become lesbians and homosexuals, rapists, cleptomaniacs, shoplifters, etc – totally dysfunctional children! Created by terribly dysfunctional marriages! God have mercy!

I tell you, whether we know it or not, it’s our marriages that create the atmosphere called home, in which our children grow up and are prepared for adult roles.

This atmosphere could either be cloudy or sunshiny…! Just think about it…





#parenting #fathers #mothers #thehome



#childraising #nextgeneration

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