I just came to a very striking and awakening realization that…
– the things that will matter in your life
– the things that will really, really matter to your life
– the things that will ever add real value to your life (among many other things that present themselves to you as important and needful)
– the things that will add peace, joy and real lasting fulfilment to your life…

Will require your concentrated ( not fleeting, careless) ATTENTION. Yes!

Even as I speak, do some soul searching…

Whatever it is you’re getting the best result from; whatever it is in your life that you believe is giving you joy and fulfilment right now, evaluate the quality of time and attention you gave to it, compared to the attention you gave to other things that you believe are not giving you as much joy, success and contentment.

And do you know, you determinedly continue to give your attention and the best of your valuable time to that thing without knowing it…even at the expense of some other things in your life?

So much so that you consider it a sacrifice, when you make time to give attention to any other thing.

But the question is, this one thing that you have given the best of your attention to…that you believe is giving you all the joy, satisfaction, empowerment and fulfilment you want (could be your job, business, career, boyfriend, girlfriend, addiction, or that secret affair), only you know deep down in your heart…

The question, I say, is…
– is it what matters the most?
– is it really what God wants for you?
– how is it affecting other things in your life (your marriage, family, health, job, business, relationships, etc)…
– how is it affecting your wife, children, father, mother, siblings, friends, church, your relationship with God, etc?

Now I understand why God is literally begging us to “Give attention to my word…”
( Read Proverbs 4:20; Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:1-3; Colossians 3:16).

Because God knows how giving attention to anything can totally take over your life…

What he is actually advocating here, is that we dedicate our concentrated attention to the primary thing that will guarantee us total joy, peace, success and fulfilment in other things that matter in our lives that we may not have time for…

He said, “thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and thou shalt have good success”

That is, give the best of your attention to this one thing, and it will take care of every other thing in your life, without you having to tear yourself apart to create a balance in your life…

Mmmmmmmn…I really need to stop now! I hope this blesses you…and sparks off in you,, something that will make the difference in your life this year!



#family #marriage #God

#children #relationships


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