Do you know your tongue can write?

Yes! David said so…

” My tongue is the pen of a ready writer… ” Psalm 45:1

So, if you don’t like the story of your life…

For instance, the story of your marriage…your health…your business… your family…your children…whatever…
Load your heart with scriptural realities…

Then, let your tongue begin to re-write the story…Yes!
(Read also Proverbs 18:21
Matthew 12:33-35 and Joshua 1:8.

Why don’t you start now?


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Friend, I just want to let you know that this year did not take God by surprise. No!

That is, God is not like, “Gosh, it’s 2019! Let me see what I can do for this my son/daughter…”

And then he starts scratching his head…Or cunsulting with Jesus, the Holy Spirit or the angels, (or even your Bishop or Pastor), on what to do about you this year 2019. No way!

Didn’t the scripture say that his works were finished before the foundation of the world (Acts 15:18)? And that he knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). So you see, he’s not a Fire Brigade God.

As far as God is concerned, everything about your life is running on a predestinated agenda (Ephesians 4-5).

Did he not say in Jeremiah 29:11 that he has a plan for you? Your life and destiny in God is a written script, and each year that comes is a scene that just needs to play out as it is written.

Well, at least, no need to write a list of what you want God to do for you this year. That’s children’s stuff. Yes!

Because he has written his own “list” already. That’s what Jeremiah 11:29 means; and also 2Corinthians 2:9.

So your responsibility is to find out, or get to first, know the script, master your part, and begin to act it out as the Director guides you.

( The Holy Spirit is the Director and Producer). He’s also the one that picks the rest of the cast (the men and women that will be part of seeing God’s plan for your life this year become a manifest reality).

So you just have to trust him and follow his leading and instructions with all humility, doubting nothing. (Read Isaiah 30:21; And 1Corinthians 2:9-13).

That’s what God recommends in verses 12-13 of Jeremiah 11:29, asking that you come seeking him with all your heart in prayer and fellowship. He said you’ll find him, and he’ll listen to you.

So, please don’t guess the details of your life and affairs this year. No assumptions either. Nor do you need to consult with any man – except of course you need clarification for some instructions or details the Holy Spirit gave you.

Otherwise, God already recommended that you call upon him and he will show you things you don’t know (Jeremiah 33:3).

And with the spirit of understanding already at work in you, you have the capacity to understand whatever he shows you.

The bottom line is this, friend, you need to take the same stance that Peter recommended, that resulted i n the play out of the plan that God had for them in their assignment as apostles.

Peter said, “But we will give ourselves to prayer and the Ministry of the Word” – Read Acts 6:1-7.

So, don’t stop at just 21 days fasting and prayer that most churches start the year with, okay?

I tell you, your life, Ministry, business, marriage, family, etc, will have so much to show by the end of this year, in Jesus name!

So, go for it! No distractions! No fears! No discouragement! God is for you, and he’s with you all the way! Alleluia!




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Mummy please I need your advice. My parents want me to marry a graduate since I will soon be one, but I have someone who I love but he is not a graduate. Should I end the relationship?

If you read Genesis 2 vs 18 from easy to read bible. God said,

“it is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a person just like him

And that person just like him is not only talking about human to human. A person just like him is somebody who operates at the same frequency with him, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.

2corinthians 6:14 says,

Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers… “

Now that unbeliever can be somebody who doesn’t believe what you believe.

Now look at it. In India, they do farming with oxen or cows. They will yoke two powerful cows with a very strong wood, to use them to till the ground. So, their tilling the ground is a combined effort of two powerful strengths.

You are bringing great strength and great strength together, and a good job is done.

I believe that’s what the bible means in Ecclesiastes 4:9. It says,

Two are better than one because they will have a good reward for their labor.”

That’s why I will always say there is nothing called “oriaku” in the bible.

The word “housewife” is not in the bible either.

The husband and the wife are supposed to be laboring together.

They are supposed to be partnering together in pursuit of same purpose…

They are speaking the same language…

They are saying the same thing…

They are hearing the same thin…

They are operating at the same spiritual frequency; because…

That is, what I know, you know; what I see, you see; the way I hear, is the way you hear.

Can you imagine if it’s not like that in your marriage with a husband wbo is not a grafuate?

You will be in marriage but you will not be married. That you are in marriage doesn’t mean you are married.

The word “marry” is to bring two things that are of equal strength, equal capacity, equal quality, and then you want to marry them together to produce a unique specie.

Wedding is an initiation into marriage.


The marriage begins on the wedding day; and that marriage is talking about the relationship between the husband and the wife. It is that relationship between the husband and the wife that brings about marriage which is what the bible describes as “and the two shall become one flesh“.

That’s why I say, that you are in marriage doesn’t mean you are married.

There are many husbands and wives that are just husband and wife but they are not married. They don’t even have a relationship.

It is the relationship that is the marriage; not the living together in one house and sleeping on one bed and having children together.


Now, another illustration that makes it so beautiful is in grafting. Let’s take two orange trees, each one of them bringing forth quality fruit, sweet and luscious.

This time around, there is bringing together of these two wonderful species to create a new specie.

God said in Malachi 2:15: “did you not hear that He made them one, and why one, because He seeks a godly seed.”

It takes a quality marriage, to produce quality children- children that God can use.

Now these two trees, one is on the ground, the roots are down there and then the other one, the stem is cut off and you bring in the stem of that one…

You see, you don’t do that with one strong tree and one very “kwashiokored” tree.

In fact, the “kwashiokored” tree will corrupt the very good one. Just like those two cows, if one of them is weak, it will be sapping and making nonsense of the strength of the strong one.

No matter how strong one of them is, it can’t go far. It can’t maximize its strength yoked to a weak cow. That’s the meaning of unequal yoke.

So you are a graduate, whether a man or a woman, and the other is not a graduate, there is a problem there. It’s not that you can’t both get married! No.

It depends on whether you want marriage or you just want to have a wife and have a husband. If it is marriage you want, it is going to take you long to become married, because it is impossible to see from the same perspective with somebody who doesn’t know what you know.

You find out that people don’t even understand the meaning of marriage, but thank God we know the scriptures now.

This man is going to be your head. Head here means leadership. To what extent will you be ready to submit to the leadership of a man who doesn’t know what you know?

Most of the time you will want to correct him. You will want to teach him, because you already know that he doesn’t know.

So, unconsciously you want to teach him, and it won’t be long, inferiority complex will begin to catch up with him, and his ego will begin to be affected.

Before you know it, you want to go somewhere, he says, “Stay there!”

If you believe you can handle all that kind of situation, no problem.


What is submission? For a woman, submission is believing in your husband’s authority and leadership enough to bring your dreams, your desires, and everything under it.

So if you do not believe in a man’s authority, submission will be very difficult; and where there is no submission, there can not be peace, there can not be marriage.

May The Lord give you understanding in Jesus name!

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See… If you put wealth in the hands of a man with poverty mentality… it will soon become poverty… Yes!

Wealth that is not properly managed soon becomes poverty… You can ask the Prodigal son…

We must free the Church from poverty mentality…

God wants his people “stinking rich” – (Message Bible)…

God never talks about money with his tongue in his cheek… No! He always talks about money in very clear terms…Search the scriptures nah…

(All these postings are excerpts from my teaching in GGDM, Jos : COMMANDING WEALTH!…coming soon on YouTube… and more…)

This Gospel must go to the uttermost parts of the earth…

When the Revelation Of Jesus and his finished work comes to all men… Satan will stop going about flexing his muscles… I tell you!

Let’s co-operate with God!