Me and my Val… 😃😃😃
You see… There is love, and there is love… Yes!

Let me tell you about #LOVEINRED…

Our marriage was 7years old when it hit the rocks, and was just about to split into millions of teeny weeny pieces…

My mind was made up! I was just waiting to conclude the arrangement to move with our three daughters (then 7+, 5+ & 4+) into the staff quarters I had asked for in the school where I was a French teacher…

As for my husband, he had no idea what was coming… He was still holding on to a marriage he didn’t know was hanging on a very thin thread that was gonna snap any time very soon…

Then came #Love in (liquid, stainless and sinless, strong and powerful ) #red…

And turned my husband into another man…Az in, a-n-o-t-h-e-r man!What?😈😈😈…

I tried in every way to resist the goodness in this new man my husband had become…

Until I began to feel like I was the devil’s deputy…I didn’t like the feeling…

Then, a year later…

Love in red literally set me up (at a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship dinner in Dalla Hotel, #Kano), arrested me…

And brought me smack dab right where HE had translated my husband into about a year ago…

Now, look at us! Next year, our marriage will be 40 years… So happy and so blessed…

HAPPY LOVE DAY PEOPLE! That’s what #Valentine is all about…

May Love In Red locate you, your life, marriage, family, business, children, health, job, relationships, finances, etc, and turn things around pamernently…

Like it did for my husband and I in 1986… In the mighty name of Jesus!


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Come o…
Do you really think God is interested in wether you have boys… or all girls? Huh….

See… In Christ, God doesn’t see male or female…

He sees Jesus in all of us…

So…Stop all that gender politics!

Let’s stop that age-long obsession for a male… or a female child…

Let’s get down to our Father’s business of enforcing his Kingdom on the earth…

Adam failed big time…Yes!

But we cannot afford to keep making light of the sacrifice Jesus made…

Let’s get spiritual people!








“And you shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free.”(Jn 8:32)…

Not,”And you shall go to church and church shall make u free.”

Not,”And you shall know how to pray and prayer shall make u free.”

As important as going to church and prayer are…

They can never take the place of the knowledge of the truth, if you want to be free from any bondage or oppression of the devil!.

Read: Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13; Psalm 82:5-6; Philemon 1:6.


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Whatever your mind stays on…more than it stays on God… has become an idol in your life…

Yes… And, I tell you, that’s tragic! Really tragic…

Is it your husband? Wife? Your wealth? Business? Career? Job?…Or, is it your children?

For some people, it’s their problems…needs…

Is it your hurts? Disappointments?

Could it possibly be your financial/business investments?

Or is it goals/targets you have set for yourself that must be accomplished by all means?…

Well… you alone know…
But… Just know, that whatever occupies your heart/mind more than God slowly and stealthily steals it from God…and becomes the object if your worship…

But, you can return… That’s why this word is coming to you…

Because… Ummmm…God is a jealous God!





God so loves and believes in marriage that he hates divorce!

So, the easiest way to stay married, and be sure of continuous victory over every challenge that comes up in your marriage is to be on God’s side.

And the way to be on God’s side is to hook on strong to his Word (principles) and the Holy Spirit.

They both will keep that ability God has put in you to stay married functioning, to your daily advantage…




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Do you know?
That change you desire, or have long waited for…

That change you truly believe you need, for a better, more fulfilled and comfortable life… Is just a decision away. Oh yes!

This truth just crystalized in my heart, as I switched my thoughts to the prodigal son, in Luke 15:11-24.

This guy woke up one day, and made a decision: “Father, I want my share of your estate now before you die.”

So his father obliged him, and a few days later, he took of to a “far country” – No plan, no purpose, no vision, no agenda…(verses 12&13).

He did not invest the money, he wasted it in riotous, reckless, selfish, “wild living”. And it wasn’t long, his money ran out and he began to starve.

In my book, Rags To Riches, I said, “Wealth that is not properly managed will soon become poverty. “That’s right!
We can see that clearly in this young man’s story…

But in the midst of his self-inflicted poverty and pernury, “he came to his senses”, and made a decision, “I will return to my father’s house…”

And when he made that decision, he got the right attitude, the right language and the right everything that brought him smack-dab into the change he needed for a better and more fulfilling life than he even had before…

And it had been waiting for him all this while…He just needed to make that decision!

The father welcomed him with open arms, “Quick”, he said, “bring the finest robe in the house and put on him…kill the cow we have been fattening…”

And verse 24b says,

“So the party began.”


Come on, make that decision now brother/sister, and let the party begin…Everything you will need for the transition into that change you’ve long desired is ready!





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I was looking at Jesus in Philippians 2:5-11, and it dawned on me that, it takes humility to do the will of God.

What that tells me, also, is that it takes humility to walk in faith…Because faith is total submission to the will and ways of God.

So, a proud man can never operate in faith. Yes, because he trusts in himself too much – his position, his title, his influence, his connections, his qualification, his bank account… So, why then does he need God?

I tell you, it will take humility of heart for a man to have all these things and still bother about what the Word of God says, enough to yield all his faculties to it…Or think “Nevertheless, what saith the Scriptures “ before taking any decision…

Because real faith is anchored on your convictions and absolute confidence in the Word (opinion, ways, instructions and the principles) of God, which leaves no room for self reliance, Satanic insinuations, or alternatives. That was how Jesus operated…(check that out in John 5:17-30).

The Father was always his reference point. For instance…

” My father worketh hitherto, and I work”, he said…John 5:17

“Whatsoever the son sees the Father do, that’s what the son does also…”

That’s why the faith that the believer is expected to operate with/in, is “the faith of Jesus Christ”…Like Paul said of himself in Galatians 2:20.

Well now, let me not take this farther than this…But you can…As you go on ahead and think on this, and also check out more Scriptures…

Do have a blessed and fulfilling day, in Jesus precious name!









A message for all husbands…And in-laws…

Honestly speaking, it is wisdom for a man not to insist on anything that will affect his wife’s response to him…

– or her ministry towards him, the children and the home…

– And even her response to his own parents and siblings…

God said so in 1Peter 3:1, and Malachi 2:13-16

I always interprete “weaker vessels” as : “Fragile! Handle with care.” Oh yes…

The woman’s ministry to the family is really very sensitive… and very important… whether we want to admit it or not…
And any man or in law that seeks to frustrate it (knowingly or unknowingly)… Is jeopardizing the total wellbeing of the whole family…

And the effect goes down many generations… I tell you!






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Text : 2Chronicles 27:6

Jotham became mighty, for he prepared himself before the Lord his God. “
* There is a tomorrow. Yes!
And you are very, very

And you are relevant in that tomorrow. How prepared are you?

* That is, tomorrow will be missing something if you’re not in it… (So you can’t afford to die prematurely).

* That is, tomorrow will be missing something if you’re not there to give to it what God has giving you to give to it.

*Yes, there’s a tomorrow!
For I know the plan that I have for you; a plan to give you a future and a hope…” – Jeremiah 29:11.

But the question is…
* Are you aware of it?
* Do you understand your part in it?
* Are you preparing for it?
* With the way you’re handling your today, is there a guarantee that you will see your tomorrow?
* Does the way you’re living your life today guarantee your relevance in tomorrow?
* Will what you’re doing with your life today give you a place in tomorrow when it comes?

* You’re 16 today, but you will soon be 61…

* With the way you’re living your life today, will you be wealthy and prosperous at 61, or a problem and concern to your children and the society?

* Or will you be part of those who are shaping the nation and making things happen for others?

* Where do you see yourself 10 or 20 years from now?

* Tomorrow you will be somebody’s husband or wife…Are you preparing for it?
* Tomorrow you will be somebody’s father or mother…Are you preparing for it?
* Tomorrow you may be the President of your country, or the Governor, or the First Lady of your country or State…Are you preparing for it?
* What investments are you making into yourself?
* Who are your friends?
* Who is your role model?
*Who is your mentor?
* What inspires you?
* What books are you reading?
* What do you do in secret?
* Is there anybody you’re afraid of at all?
* What is church to you?
* Where do you go for answers to the questions that bug your mind?
* Have you factored God into your life?
* How relevant are your parents in your life?
* How useful are you in your family?


Study these sctiptures…
* Acts 13:36
* Colossians 1:9-10
* 2Chronicles 26:3-5


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