A message for all husbands…And in-laws…

Honestly speaking, it is wisdom for a man not to insist on anything that will affect his wife’s response to him…

– or her ministry towards him, the children and the home…

– And even her response to his own parents and siblings…

God said so in 1Peter 3:1, and Malachi 2:13-16

I always interprete “weaker vessels” as : “Fragile! Handle with care.” Oh yes…

The woman’s ministry to the family is really very sensitive… and very important… whether we want to admit it or not…
And any man or in law that seeks to frustrate it (knowingly or unknowingly)… Is jeopardizing the total wellbeing of the whole family…

And the effect goes down many generations… I tell you!






#husbands #wives

#inlaws #marriage

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