God made the man and the woman, brought them into marriage, and said,
“…And the two shall be one flesh. ” – Genesis 2:18-24.

One flesh?
Is it possible for a man and a woman, coming from two totally different backgrounds and upbringing to live together as husband and wife in marriage, to become one flesh?

Is it possible for two people to become so united that they are now one person – one “man” ? Which is really what marriage means…
Is God not asking for too much here?

“How shall these things be?” Like the virgin, Mary, asked the angel, when he came to her with the news that she will be pregnant without sex with any man – Luke 1:32-34.

Okay then, why does God want the man and his wife to become one flesh?

Well, it’s for the purpose of the mandate in Genesis 1:28, which is the primary purpose for which God made man male and female and set them up in marriage – Read Genesis 1:26-28.

So marriage is not about you or your wife/husband, it’s about God’s agenda for the earth and all his creation in it. This is clearly reiterated in Psalm 8: 3-8 (please read).

It’s a process.
It’s a pouring into one container two different substances to give them one identity, one quality, one characteristics – you pour in, and I pour in!
It’s a merger.

It’s more of giving than taking. All these, and more, is what God is demanding in marriage to see his purpose for the earth fulfilled.

There’s a husband in every man, and there’s a wife in every woman God creates.
But it only comes out in marriage.
This makes divorce impossible.

For instance, can you seperate a Coke and a Fanta that have been poured together (merged) into a beaker?
That’s the super glue effect that God was talking about when God said of the husband “and shall cleave unto his wife”, in Genesis 2:24.
So, in marriage, you’re expected to be more than just a man and just a woman.

Now, what is it that brings out the husband in the man, and the wife in the woman in marriage?

That’s the question. That’s the missing link thus far in many marriages, where you find husbands and wives doing marriage with who they are outside the home, instead of with their divinely endowed potentials and ability for husbandhood and wifehood.

Jesus said when he made them in the beginning, he made them male and female,. That is, each one with his/her own unique ability and endowment to function in their individual and peculiar roles, while operating in unity of purpose, vision, purpose, pursuit, etc.
“How then could God have sanctioned divorce?” , he was asking them. (Read Matthew 19:4-6).

Do you know, if we could bring the oneness and ecstacy we enjoy in sex as husband and wife into life outside the bedroom, we will have better marriages!Don’t you think so too?

Let’s see, what brings about this oneness and ecstacy in the marriage bed?
It’s because in sex we use our hearts. But in marriage, we use our heads! Oh yes! Read Malachi 2:15 and Romans 8:6-8.

Adam and Eve were created spiritual beigns, to function more with their spirits (where God has deposited his own very likeness) than their minds and senses – Read Genesis 1:26-27.

It was the sin nature that came into Adam and Eve, separated their spirits from God, and reduced them to men of the mind, corrupted will, emotions and senses – an impossible place of doing the will of God or pleasing him, according to Romans 8:8. (Read also Genesis chapter 3).

Anything is possible, any demand of God is only obtainable on the platform of spirituality. (Read 3John2 and John 4:23-24).

We must begin to see iur narriages as a responsibility we owe to God, the Church, the nation, and generations coming after us.

That demands that we begin to de-emphasize our personal needs, desires and expectations in our marital and family lives…
Jesus said focus is the thing – Matthew 6:22-24. Praise God!












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