When purpose is discovered, and you get down to fulfilling it, then your identity is established.

They asked John, “Who are you? “

He didn’t say,
” I am John the Baptist…”

Rather, he established his identity by his assignment – the purpose for which God sent him to this earth.

He said to them,
I am the voice…( sent to announce, and make the people ready to receive the Ministry of the One coming to ‘save his people from their sins’…). ” – John 1:19-23.

So who you are is what you are about doing, that makes you relevant iand profitable to God and man on this earth…

Not just what you’re doing to make money, or make a living.

In other words, a purpose-driven life is what gives you an authentic identity in this world…Yes!

So, tell me, what’s your life worth to God…or to people around you, at least?


#purpose #destiny
# livinglife #time

I would love to hear from you!

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