If you’re born again, you have a healing account with God...Isaiah 53:4-5

The new creation was born into health…It’s your inheritance in Christ…Exodus 23:25…

So God does not expect you to be sick….

But when your body is attacked by any disease or sickness, healing is not supposed to cost you a dime. Yes!

You simply release your faith in the reality of Isaiah 53:4-5...also reiterated in 1Peter 2:24...”by whose stripes you are healed.”…

You believe it in your heart, you declare it, and God performs it… Luke 1:45, Romans 10:10….

So you don’t need to pay any man or hospital for your healing…

That’s why you need to pay the price to load your heart with the realities of the finished work of Jesus…Philemon 1:6…

When the word of Christ dwells in you richly and you keep declaring it in faith (no matter the symptoms or the doctor’s report), you will have what you say, not what the devil is saying)…Colossians 3:16,Matthew 17:20, Matthew 12:33-35…

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#Dealingwithsickness. #Healingwithoutmoney



#yourhealthinsurance #inChrist

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