The new creation was created in Christ Jesus without sin, and therefore without sickness, without any disease…

Interestingly, the new creation is a product of the resurrection of Jesus. And sin, sickness, disease and death had already been put away (returned to sender), before the resurrection of Jesus.

So the new creation in Christ doesn’t even know what sin, sickness, poverty or death looks like.

You better believe it… It’s the Gospel of Christ. 😀

So, if you’re born again (if you’re in Christ), you’re born into divine health…

You are born with divine health in your DNA…

You are born with eternal life, the very life that God has, the life that has no sickness or disease in it…

Nor can it be harassed by any sickness or disease. Yes! ….

So you can use these realities to keep your body healthy and strong continually.

You are now the Savior of your body…

That is, whether your body dies or lives in health is up to you.

It’s no longer up to God, because he has settled the issue in Christ – Isaiah 53:4-6; 1 Peter 2:24

You are therefore absolutely and totally free from sickness and disease, and any form of oppression of the devil….


So, if you live in a constant consciousness of this reality, you don’t ever need healing…because a healthy person does not need healing. Abi?…

Healing is for children (baby Christians who are still drinking the milk of the Word)…

But divine health is for sons who have trained and empowered their spirits and minds with exact, complete, full and personal knowledge of in-Christ realities…

So now, all that you need as a new creation, is to live in the reality of your divine health status – as Jesus did (1 John2:6)…

Jesus never needed healing all his days on earth here.

Rather he was busy giving health to those who had sickness.

And to those who had death he gave life (he is the Prince of life)…


Those who are sick talk healing, but those who cannot be sick don’t need to talk healing… They just live in health, and talk what they have – health. Alleluia…

In Christ, I don’t need healing. So I don’t think healing, I don’t talk healing…

In Christ I have divine health…I have health in my spirit, soul and body….

So I think health, I talk health, I behave health and I enjoy health…Alleluia!

Mathew 12:33-37, Mark 11:23,Psalm 34:11-13.


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