Text: Psalm 11:3

Relationship is God’s will for humanity…Because there’s so much God can do with our relationships in our lives, and for his agenda for humanity.

The area of greatest challenge for the youth today, is relationship…Especiallyrelationship with the opposite sex.

What makes any relationship beautiful and profitable is that God is the foundation of it.

If God is not the foundation of that relationship you think means so much to you, satan will use it to ruin your life and destiny.There’s no hope for any relationship that has no respect for God and his principles.

The first relationship ever was between God and Adam…That’s why the first and the most important relationship in any man’s life must be your relationship with God – God and Adam. Genesis 2:1-15.

And if anything goes wrong with that foundational relationship, everything else begins to go wrong – Genesis 3: 9-

The 2nd very important relationship in a man’s life, was actually initiated by God…It was his idea…and it was for a definite purpose.

This relationship necessitated the making of the female man, who God gave to Adam as wife…And the marriage relationship between man and woman began – Genesis 2:18-25.

And what was the purpose for the relationship between the male and female man? Genesis 1:26-28.

So the second most important relationship in any man’s life (whether male or female), is marriage…

That is, the relationship between a man and a woman who have been legally joined together as husband and wife…And of course, God must be involved in it!

Secondly, God’s principles for this unique relationship must be respected and applied, otherwise the purpose for it will not be maximally achieved – Jeremiah 5:4

Marriage is not a human relationship…It is a God instituted, very spiritual relationship between two humans who are required to also be spiritual, to see this relationship succeed.

But sin came, and satan got involved in this sacred and beautiful relationship of partnership between God, the man and his wife.


Marriage is going to be a very important aspect of your tomorrow…Because you were created male and female for marriage (except you’re planning to be a Rev Sister or Rev Father) – Matthew 19:4-6

That’s why your preparation for your tomorrow must also include a strong and purposeful preparation for marriage…

Otherwise a great portion of your tomorrow will suffer…like many are suffering today.

Sin separated man from God, corrupted man’s mind about God and everything…And marriage began to have problems…And everything began to go wrong – Psalm 11:3, Psalm 82:5, Hosea 4:6

If you’re created male or female, you’re created to do marriage…Not boyfriend/girlfriend…There’s no boyfriend/girlfriend in Christianity!

I always say that the boyfriend/ girlfriend syndrome is an alternative to marriage that satan has given to our youth today…

A purposeless magnetic field of sin where they freely do what married people only are supposed to do…and they feel very cool about it!

Whether you know it or not- young man, young woman, marriage and family life are going to be a very important aspect of your future…Yes!

But the question is, are you preparing for it , as you’re also preparing for the job, profession or career that will give you financial liberty tomorrow?

I need to let you know that whatever course you’re studying in the University today, is just to earn money, that’s all!

For instance, you can’t use the knowledge of computer or medical science, agriculture or business management to do marriage…


The time to go to school is not the time to marry…If you’re still in school, please for get marriage for now.

And you young man, if you’re not working, you don’t have a job yet, you don’t need a wife yet…So relax!

Young woman, don’t be in school and wed at the same time, and then be pushing big stomach about in the campus…Pregnancy is not something to show off, or “do guy” with…

Wifehood, motherhood and taking care of the home, are too huge an assignment to be combined effectively with anything else…Face your education, finish it, do Youth Service, get a job, then marry, so that you’re not a liability to the man that will marry you!

Young man, it’s a wife you’re looking for, not a girlfriend, a University graduate, a girl from a rich family, or a girl from your village…None of these things have anything to do with a good wife…Proverbs 18:22.

Be more concerned about the content, not the packaging…That engine oil or kerosine is in a Coke bottle does not make it Coke!

Someone asked me, “Can one marry the wrong person?”

And I answered, “If you want to go to Lagos, and you enter a vehicle heading for Port Harcourt, will you ever arrive Lagos?”…


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May I say this…

Giving your children an education, a good home, good food and all the comforts of this life, is not the same as raising them.

It is because of this misconception that many parents have substituted parenting for the pursuit of money by all means –

1 Timothy 6:10…

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred (from God’s principles), and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

You’re not a good parent because you gave your children the best education, or because you’re able to provide them the necessities of life…

You’re a good parent primarily because you’re there for them…to model life, character and responsible citizenship to them – Genesis 18:19.


It is not a problem at all to raise teenagers – whether it’s in the 18th, 19th, 20th or 21st century.

God’s wisdom is always available to raise children from one age or one century to the other, for whoever so desires.

In our 40 years of marriage, my husband and I have enjoyed the God-given privilege of raising 6 wonderful daughters (not for ourselves, or the society…But primarily for him…Then he decides what to use them to do for the blessing of humanity)…

And they were once teenagers…in this negative world…

Right now we have a teenage grandson…he has been with my husband and I since he was born..He is not a problem at all, has never been, and will never be…21st Century or not!

When you raise your children with the wisdom of God, they will always turn out the way they should go – Proverbs 22:6.

Raising or training your children with the wisdom of God is simply raising them with God’s Word.

You can never miss it in parenting when your primary tool is God’s Word…I tell you!


This quickly brings to mind three important questions…

Who is training your child?

– Genesis 18:19 – “For I know him…”

Isaiah 38:19 – “…the Father to the children shall make known the truth.” (The most important thing to teach your children are God’s principles for life…)

God told the men in Deuteronomy 6:6-7,

“Write these commandments I’ve given you on your hearts…and then get them inside your children…”

If you’re the one training your child, what wisdom are you using – the wisdom of this world? traditional wisdom? cultural wisdom? intellectual wisdom ? the wisdom of psychology? Or the Wisdom of God

Who are you? What stuff are you made of?

Will the society be better off, or in jeopardy with a son or daughter raised just like you? – Genesis 1:11 & 24.

– “I and my Father are one…” – John 10:30

⁃ “The son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do: for what things so ever he (the Father) doeth, these also doeth the son likewise…” – John 5:19

“For the Father loveth the the son, and sheweth him all things that himself doeth…” -John 5:20.


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Text: Exodus 1:15

“And Pharaoh said to the midwives, ‘When you do the office of a midwife to the Hebrew women…”

The office of a wife is the primary office the woman was created for…An office that no one else can occupy in a man’s life.

That’s why it’s important for a man to marry – his own wife – 1Corinthians 7:2.

Only marriage qualifies a man to have a wife – Exodus 2:2; Jacob and Rebecca (Genesis 29); Ruth 1:9 (MSG).

There’s how far a man can go in life without his own wife – Ecclesiastes 4:9.

The woman was created for the office of a wife, which God designed for her to fulfill in marriage.

And it is this office of a wife that qualifies and empowers her for motherhood and homemaking – completing the woman’s primary assignment in her husband’s life – Proverbs 18:22

When a man finds a wife, he automatically finds a mother for his children, and someone to build a home for him and his children – Proverbs 14:1; Ruth 4:11-12.

The most important place to dominate is in your God-given office.

If you cannot exercise dominion where God has placed you, you will not have the confidence to exercise dominion in any other area of life.


Philemon 1:6,

Romans 5:17- provoked by knowledge -and prayer, 2Peter 1:2, Colossians 1:9-10 – (MSG).Acts 4:31 &33, 2Timothy 2:15 – study

Every work man needs grace to work – 1Corinthians 10:15 – and grace is provoked by the

revelation knowledge of New Covenant realities

1John 5:11-13 – the gift of eternal life -Romans 6:63.

Acts 2:34 – the gift of the Holy Spirit – he brings character and power into your life – Acts 1:8, Micah 3:8, Isaiah 11:1-3, Galatians 5:22-23.

His ministry is provoked by prayer – Luke 3:21-22; Acts 2:1-4, James 5:16, Acts 4:31 & 33.

Ephesians 6:10 (Amp) – be strong in the



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God created the woman to partner with him to see his man succeed maximally in the work he created him to do – Read Psalm 8:3-8.

Tell me, will God employ foolishness to partner with him?

So the woman was created with inherent wisdom…wisdom that does not require University education to function.

That’s why the most important education the woman ( and every girl child) needs, to succeed in the Ministry of Womanhood is God education, else the devil will use her more than God will, in all spheres of life – especially in her marriage. You remember Eve, don’t you?

She was so spiritually illiterate that the devil used her to set her husband up for a big fall, that put the whole of humanity in big trouble with God.

Anyway, the good news is that Jesus has appeased God on behalf of all of humanity, and ransomed man from the devil’s age-long tyranny. Praise God!

But it’s sad to know that lots and lots of women are functioning in foolishness – especially in marriage…which of course has given womanhood such a bad name.

Many women tend to be excelling more outside the home than in the home. But I need to let you know that God’s originally appointed place of work for the woman was in the home.


The man was created to work, and the woman was created to do marriage – an assignment that places her in a privileged position to use everything God has endowed her with to help the man on the job (not to compete with him or try to outdo him). Read Genesis 2:15-25; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

It’s like this: God created the man and put him in the garden to work; God made the woman and put her in marriage to do the work of helping the man.

Her work in marriage is 3-dimensional – wife, mother and homemaker…Titus 2:3-5.

And none is expected to be at the expense of the other, because God created her with commensurate wisdom, strength and power to take the three in her stride, without any schism.

So the woman was not created to work outside the home – she wasn’t built for the toughness and hardness required for that kind of work.

I believe that’s why many women have become too tough and too hard for the men to handle in the home.

The woman was created to be just “woman”- all feminine, beautiful and full of God sense that marriage, motherhood and homemaking requires…

So sad, that working outside the home to help make ends meet, has squeezed the woman into a different mold, and totally redefined womanhood – robbing it of all dignity in the eyes of the world.

It’s one of the prices the woman has to pay for civilization, and for men who have chosen to be miserable specimens of manhood – not working, and looking up to their wives’ income to fulfill their God-given responsibility of running the family. Some men even live off their wives!

Let me say this, as I close, any “women empowerment” program, that jeopardizes the woman’s commitment to her primary assignment of wife, mother and homemaker, should be re-defined and repackaged…


Just for the records, mind you, I’m not advocating a “full-time housewife” gospel here. No!

All I’m saying is, woman, if working outside the home to earn money enhances your effectiveness as wife, mother and homemaker; if it enhances your happiness, self-esteem and fulfillment, by all means work.

But, let it be a decent, honest and dignifying work that does not undermine your efficiency and success in the home – because the damage can be so catastrophic and generational! Just be wise, okay?

I pray for you: if you’re hurting, if you’re sick in your bod, heartbroken, feeling frustrated and defeated, or thinking of giving up, receive divine intervention right now, that will bring a sudden turnaround and change of story for you, in Jesus mighty name! You are blessed!



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Happy World Family Day to you all!

I tell you, the family is worth celebrating .Yes!

God loves families…

Because it’s with the family he makes generation after generation of mankind.

It’s with the family he makes nations.

People don’t fall from trees, they are made in families…


While the Universities of this world prepare labour for the various systems, organizations and establishments of this world…The family is God’s own “Labour Market”.

That is, God recruits his workers ( leaders, nation builders, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, etc) from the family.

That’s why whatever hurts the family affects nations, and invariably affects everything.

Whatever troubles the family troubles the nation and every other thing…Yes!


It’s impossible to have a strong nation without strong people…

And we cannot have strong people without strong families…

And we cannot have strong families without strong marriages…Yes!

The greatest enemy of the family institution are marriages that are weak, troubled and so terribly dysfunctional!

Until it begins to go well with our marriages, it can never go well with our nations!

What hope is there for a building with a faulty foundation? It’s only a question of time and it comes crashing down – we’ve seen many of such in many countries.

Marriage is the foundation of the family institution.

On a wedding day, a marriage begins, and a family is born. So, the well-being of that family will depend on the strength and health of that marriage…

Fruits come from a tree. So a sick tree will naturally produce sick fruits…

Even so, a sick marriage can only produce a sick family, sick children, sick relationships, sick everything!

It goes without saying, therefore, that dysfunctional marriages produce dysfunctional families, and dysfunctional families release dysfunctional people into the society!

Tell me, where do all the drug addicts, cultists, armed robbers, pen robbers, rapists, corrupt leaders, etc come from?

They are products of dysfunctional families, of course – which are victims of marriages that are not working!


It’s not the society, the school or the church that makes people, it’s the family…

People are first born into the home…And like the parable of the sower, given by Jesus, in Mark chapter four, the quality and nature of the home (the ground) will determine how the child (the seed) turns out.

And it is our marriages that create the atmosphere called “home” in which children are raised and formed into useful citizens of the community, society, nation or members of a church…not the fancy houses or posh furnishing.

If our marriages are toxic, the home will be toxic…

If our marriages are troubled the home will be troubled…And only troubled and juvenile children will come from such homes, to trouble the society. It’s just as simple as that!

So, as we celebrate the family today, let’s give a deep thought to the state of our marriages, and do something about it…

Note that marriage, is not just the living together, satisfying your sexual desires and making babies…

More than that, marriage is the relationship between the man and his wife.

So, if you don’t have a solid, beautiful and productive relationship between you two, husband and wife, you don’t have a marriage…period!

Then, I’m truly sorry for that your family – especially your children!


A purpose-driven marriage, will produce a purpose-driven family!

When we bring back purpose to marriage, purpose will return to the family institution.

It’s when purpose is not known that abuse becomes inevitable.

Many just go into marriage carelessly, for the most ridiculous and ephemeral reasons, and begin to raise anyhow families, producing anyhow people! A vicious cycle, I say! Enough is enough now!

As the whole world celebrates THE FAMILY today, may it mark a definite turnaround for your own marriage, and family…In the precious name of Jesus!


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The Woman is beyond what you can see.

She is a power entity.

She came empowered.

Man was toiling alone before the woman came.

God needed someone to make the difference in his life…

He made the woman, and brought her to him as wife (not girlfriend, not mistress, not concubine)…

The woman (as wife) in a man’s life, is a remarkable change of status for the man…

She’s God’s wisdom for man’s fulfillment.

The Woman is not a mistake, she is an upgraded version.



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“Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.”

– Proverbs 22:15

What the rod (cane) will do for your child, can’t be compared to what the Word of God will do in his heart…

Godly child training targets the heart of the child…See the parable of the sower in Mark chapter 4…

All that a cane offers is pain…

And if pain joins foolishness in the heart of a child…

What you will have is an angry and bitter child!


If foolishness is in the heart of a child…

Then, it will take what can get to the heart to drive it away…

Not what inflicts pain (I believe)…😁

If it’s wisdom you want to communicate to your child …

Then, I’d like to let you know that wisdom is spoken…Not inflicted!

The most effective rod now, is “the rod of (the)mouth” – Read Isaiah 11:1-4.

In the New Testament life ( that is, life after the cross and the resurrection of Jesus), Paul makes us understand that wisdom is communicated with our words – 1Corinthians 2:6 …”Howbeit we speak wisdom…”


You see, you can’t give what you don’t have… For you to be able to speak wisdom, when you speak to your children, your heart must be rich with the understanding of God’s perspective of things…

“for out of the abundance of the heart…a good man brings out (speaks) good things (wisdom)” – Read Matthew 12:33-37.

So, parenting demands that you “let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” – Colossians 3:16.

For you to be able to teach your children wisdom, the “holy scriptures) must first make you wise – Read 2Timothy 3:15 -17…

That’s why you must “study to show yourself approved” unto God, as a parent, if you must not be ashamed tomorrow – Read 2Timothy 2:15.

Receive grace…And a continuos supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ…In Jesus precious name!

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“The king sent and loosed him; and let him go free.” – Psalm 105:20.

Encounter with the King, is encounter with power that changes your story forever…

Joseph would have rotted in prison, and that would have been the end of his dream of greatness…

But one day, just one day, the king spoke…

And no chain, no fetters of iron, no prison gate…Could keep Joseph imprisoned any longer!!!

You see, the King will say something about that your issue expressly…

And know that once the King speaks, his power is released, and something changes somewhere…Yes!

Because, “Where the word of the king is, there is power…” – Ecclesiastes 8:4.

May the Word that will orchestrate that change you desire come for you expressly…

May you be alert and sensitive to hear…

And May you be quick to do what is required of you…in Jesus name!

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“The king sent and loosed him; and let him go free.” – Psalm 105:20.

Encounter with the King, is encounter with power that changes your story forever…

Joseph would have rotted in prison, and that would have been the end of his dream of greatness…

But one day, just one day, the king spoke…

And no chain, no fetters of iron, no prison gate…Could keep Joseph imprisoned any longer!!!

You see, the King will say something about that your issue expressly…

And know that once the King speaks, his power is released, and something changes somewhere…Yes!

Because, “Where the word of the king is, there is power…” – Ecclesiastes 8:4.

May the Word that will orchestrate that change you desire come for you expressly…

May you be alert and sensitive to hear…

And May you be quick to do what is required of you…in Jesus name!

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#FamilyLifeUniversityMay Edition…tonight…

Lecture :

SUSTAINING THE FAMILY It takes the power of God to sustain the family.

That is, to maintain, keep in existence, support or keep the family from falling or disintegrating…

The Holy Spirit is the custodian and operator of the power of God…

So he must be very present and constantly activated in your life and family…

And it is prayer that activates/provokes the release of the power that the Holy Spirit has brought into our lives at new birth (Luke 3:22-23; Acts 2:1-4; Acts 4:31-33)…

No wonder Jesus said to pray always (Luke 18:1).

To keep the power of God at work in your family…

To keep it a family of no sickness, no disease, calamity, no lack and want, etc…

To keep it a family brimming with wealth…

To keep it a very great and godly family – without strife…

Husband and wife, you must work hard with your prayers (Colossians 4:12)…

Give yourself to prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4)...

The Word is the fuel for a prayer that makes tremendous power available to cause the changes you desire…

Note, however, that it is not prayer that changes things, it is the power that prayer makes available that is dynamic in its working, causing changes, turning the tables against the enemy (James 5:16-18)….

So if your prayer has not made power available, nothing really changes…



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