Happy World Family Day to you all!

I tell you, the family is worth celebrating .Yes!

God loves families…

Because it’s with the family he makes generation after generation of mankind.

It’s with the family he makes nations.

People don’t fall from trees, they are made in families…


While the Universities of this world prepare labour for the various systems, organizations and establishments of this world…The family is God’s own “Labour Market”.

That is, God recruits his workers ( leaders, nation builders, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, etc) from the family.

That’s why whatever hurts the family affects nations, and invariably affects everything.

Whatever troubles the family troubles the nation and every other thing…Yes!


It’s impossible to have a strong nation without strong people…

And we cannot have strong people without strong families…

And we cannot have strong families without strong marriages…Yes!

The greatest enemy of the family institution are marriages that are weak, troubled and so terribly dysfunctional!

Until it begins to go well with our marriages, it can never go well with our nations!

What hope is there for a building with a faulty foundation? It’s only a question of time and it comes crashing down – we’ve seen many of such in many countries.

Marriage is the foundation of the family institution.

On a wedding day, a marriage begins, and a family is born. So, the well-being of that family will depend on the strength and health of that marriage…

Fruits come from a tree. So a sick tree will naturally produce sick fruits…

Even so, a sick marriage can only produce a sick family, sick children, sick relationships, sick everything!

It goes without saying, therefore, that dysfunctional marriages produce dysfunctional families, and dysfunctional families release dysfunctional people into the society!

Tell me, where do all the drug addicts, cultists, armed robbers, pen robbers, rapists, corrupt leaders, etc come from?

They are products of dysfunctional families, of course – which are victims of marriages that are not working!


It’s not the society, the school or the church that makes people, it’s the family…

People are first born into the home…And like the parable of the sower, given by Jesus, in Mark chapter four, the quality and nature of the home (the ground) will determine how the child (the seed) turns out.

And it is our marriages that create the atmosphere called “home” in which children are raised and formed into useful citizens of the community, society, nation or members of a church…not the fancy houses or posh furnishing.

If our marriages are toxic, the home will be toxic…

If our marriages are troubled the home will be troubled…And only troubled and juvenile children will come from such homes, to trouble the society. It’s just as simple as that!

So, as we celebrate the family today, let’s give a deep thought to the state of our marriages, and do something about it…

Note that marriage, is not just the living together, satisfying your sexual desires and making babies…

More than that, marriage is the relationship between the man and his wife.

So, if you don’t have a solid, beautiful and productive relationship between you two, husband and wife, you don’t have a marriage…period!

Then, I’m truly sorry for that your family – especially your children!


A purpose-driven marriage, will produce a purpose-driven family!

When we bring back purpose to marriage, purpose will return to the family institution.

It’s when purpose is not known that abuse becomes inevitable.

Many just go into marriage carelessly, for the most ridiculous and ephemeral reasons, and begin to raise anyhow families, producing anyhow people! A vicious cycle, I say! Enough is enough now!

As the whole world celebrates THE FAMILY today, may it mark a definite turnaround for your own marriage, and family…In the precious name of Jesus!


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