God created the woman to partner with him to see his man succeed maximally in the work he created him to do – Read Psalm 8:3-8.

Tell me, will God employ foolishness to partner with him?

So the woman was created with inherent wisdom…wisdom that does not require University education to function.

That’s why the most important education the woman ( and every girl child) needs, to succeed in the Ministry of Womanhood is God education, else the devil will use her more than God will, in all spheres of life – especially in her marriage. You remember Eve, don’t you?

She was so spiritually illiterate that the devil used her to set her husband up for a big fall, that put the whole of humanity in big trouble with God.

Anyway, the good news is that Jesus has appeased God on behalf of all of humanity, and ransomed man from the devil’s age-long tyranny. Praise God!

But it’s sad to know that lots and lots of women are functioning in foolishness – especially in marriage…which of course has given womanhood such a bad name.

Many women tend to be excelling more outside the home than in the home. But I need to let you know that God’s originally appointed place of work for the woman was in the home.


The man was created to work, and the woman was created to do marriage – an assignment that places her in a privileged position to use everything God has endowed her with to help the man on the job (not to compete with him or try to outdo him). Read Genesis 2:15-25; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

It’s like this: God created the man and put him in the garden to work; God made the woman and put her in marriage to do the work of helping the man.

Her work in marriage is 3-dimensional – wife, mother and homemaker…Titus 2:3-5.

And none is expected to be at the expense of the other, because God created her with commensurate wisdom, strength and power to take the three in her stride, without any schism.

So the woman was not created to work outside the home – she wasn’t built for the toughness and hardness required for that kind of work.

I believe that’s why many women have become too tough and too hard for the men to handle in the home.

The woman was created to be just “woman”- all feminine, beautiful and full of God sense that marriage, motherhood and homemaking requires…

So sad, that working outside the home to help make ends meet, has squeezed the woman into a different mold, and totally redefined womanhood – robbing it of all dignity in the eyes of the world.

It’s one of the prices the woman has to pay for civilization, and for men who have chosen to be miserable specimens of manhood – not working, and looking up to their wives’ income to fulfill their God-given responsibility of running the family. Some men even live off their wives!

Let me say this, as I close, any “women empowerment” program, that jeopardizes the woman’s commitment to her primary assignment of wife, mother and homemaker, should be re-defined and repackaged…


Just for the records, mind you, I’m not advocating a “full-time housewife” gospel here. No!

All I’m saying is, woman, if working outside the home to earn money enhances your effectiveness as wife, mother and homemaker; if it enhances your happiness, self-esteem and fulfillment, by all means work.

But, let it be a decent, honest and dignifying work that does not undermine your efficiency and success in the home – because the damage can be so catastrophic and generational! Just be wise, okay?

I pray for you: if you’re hurting, if you’re sick in your bod, heartbroken, feeling frustrated and defeated, or thinking of giving up, receive divine intervention right now, that will bring a sudden turnaround and change of story for you, in Jesus mighty name! You are blessed!



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