Text: Psalm 11:3

Relationship is God’s will for humanity…Because there’s so much God can do with our relationships in our lives, and for his agenda for humanity.

The area of greatest challenge for the youth today, is relationship…Especiallyrelationship with the opposite sex.

What makes any relationship beautiful and profitable is that God is the foundation of it.

If God is not the foundation of that relationship you think means so much to you, satan will use it to ruin your life and destiny.There’s no hope for any relationship that has no respect for God and his principles.

The first relationship ever was between God and Adam…That’s why the first and the most important relationship in any man’s life must be your relationship with God – God and Adam. Genesis 2:1-15.

And if anything goes wrong with that foundational relationship, everything else begins to go wrong – Genesis 3: 9-

The 2nd very important relationship in a man’s life, was actually initiated by God…It was his idea…and it was for a definite purpose.

This relationship necessitated the making of the female man, who God gave to Adam as wife…And the marriage relationship between man and woman began – Genesis 2:18-25.

And what was the purpose for the relationship between the male and female man? Genesis 1:26-28.

So the second most important relationship in any man’s life (whether male or female), is marriage…

That is, the relationship between a man and a woman who have been legally joined together as husband and wife…And of course, God must be involved in it!

Secondly, God’s principles for this unique relationship must be respected and applied, otherwise the purpose for it will not be maximally achieved – Jeremiah 5:4

Marriage is not a human relationship…It is a God instituted, very spiritual relationship between two humans who are required to also be spiritual, to see this relationship succeed.

But sin came, and satan got involved in this sacred and beautiful relationship of partnership between God, the man and his wife.


Marriage is going to be a very important aspect of your tomorrow…Because you were created male and female for marriage (except you’re planning to be a Rev Sister or Rev Father) – Matthew 19:4-6

That’s why your preparation for your tomorrow must also include a strong and purposeful preparation for marriage…

Otherwise a great portion of your tomorrow will suffer…like many are suffering today.

Sin separated man from God, corrupted man’s mind about God and everything…And marriage began to have problems…And everything began to go wrong – Psalm 11:3, Psalm 82:5, Hosea 4:6

If you’re created male or female, you’re created to do marriage…Not boyfriend/girlfriend…There’s no boyfriend/girlfriend in Christianity!

I always say that the boyfriend/ girlfriend syndrome is an alternative to marriage that satan has given to our youth today…

A purposeless magnetic field of sin where they freely do what married people only are supposed to do…and they feel very cool about it!

Whether you know it or not- young man, young woman, marriage and family life are going to be a very important aspect of your future…Yes!

But the question is, are you preparing for it , as you’re also preparing for the job, profession or career that will give you financial liberty tomorrow?

I need to let you know that whatever course you’re studying in the University today, is just to earn money, that’s all!

For instance, you can’t use the knowledge of computer or medical science, agriculture or business management to do marriage…


The time to go to school is not the time to marry…If you’re still in school, please for get marriage for now.

And you young man, if you’re not working, you don’t have a job yet, you don’t need a wife yet…So relax!

Young woman, don’t be in school and wed at the same time, and then be pushing big stomach about in the campus…Pregnancy is not something to show off, or “do guy” with…

Wifehood, motherhood and taking care of the home, are too huge an assignment to be combined effectively with anything else…Face your education, finish it, do Youth Service, get a job, then marry, so that you’re not a liability to the man that will marry you!

Young man, it’s a wife you’re looking for, not a girlfriend, a University graduate, a girl from a rich family, or a girl from your village…None of these things have anything to do with a good wife…Proverbs 18:22.

Be more concerned about the content, not the packaging…That engine oil or kerosine is in a Coke bottle does not make it Coke!

Someone asked me, “Can one marry the wrong person?”

And I answered, “If you want to go to Lagos, and you enter a vehicle heading for Port Harcourt, will you ever arrive Lagos?”…


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