(The responsibility of Fatherhood)

– by Ada Ezeka

“This book is intended to highlight your position as a father to your children, which is your secondary assignment and responsibility towards God and humanity. The primary assignment being your responsibilities to your wife as a husband.

The status of a husband and father make you a complete man, even if you never get to be anything else in your community, state or nation. If you succeed in these two God-given assignments, God will definitely qualify you for amazing rewards.

Many men have failed woefully as fathers. It is not because they wanted to, but because they did not have the understanding of the responsibility of fatherhood, and the knowledge required to handle it successfully…

The Bible is full of scriptures that tell us of how wicked, perverse and evil this world is…

Knowing these things, we have to give ourselves to raising children who will pass through this world without being polluted by it, but will also be able to bring about some level of change in their own time…

“How can I raise empowered children?”, you ask. That’s what this book is all about…”



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