Many relationships have been destroyed by words – wicked, destructive, like-piercing-arrows words!

You are not free to use any words you like to talk to someonelse.

That someone hurt you doesn’t mean you should hurt them back… A true Christian will never use hurtful words to speak to anyone; because the Holy Spirit will never give you such words.

Paul said, “But we speak wisdom…We use Holy Spirit words to communicate Holy Spirit facts… our words are wise because our message is from God.. ” – 1Corinthians 2:7-13.

Before you speak think: “Will these words build, encourage, motivate, heal or destroy..? “

If you don’t care what or how you speak to people, people will not care what or how they speak to you!

If you hurt people, you will keep reaping harvests of hurt from others! – That’s the truth!



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