Jeremiah 51:17a says every man is foolish, stupid, senseless, ignorant and dull-hearted without knowledge…

When you always know what to do, you will never be a victim of worry…Yes!

Stop depending on other people’s knowledge…Go get your own!

What you know is your greatest confidence in decision-making…

John 6:6 said of Jesus, when he was faced with the dilemma of feeding thousands in a desert place: “he himself knew what he would do.”

See, knowledge is available…If you’re still ignorant, it’s your fault!

What you know yourself is your greatest asset in any event, challenge or circumstance…

The Holy Spirit can only inspire, guide, instruct and lead you with what you know…not what your Pastor, husband/wife, father/mother or colleague knows…

Please, put an end to that failure syndrome…that trial and error…that confusion…that frustration you keep suffering…

Start knowing some things…urgently!


#inspiration #motivation #beinspired #knowledgeispower #takeresponsibility

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