SCHOOL OF MINISTRY with Ada Ezeka (4)


Text: 1 Timothy 3:1-5

Titus 1:4-9

One noticeable sad thing in the body of Christ is how people do not see the importance of investing in their marriage.

There are very few things, if any, more important than marriage in this world. Marriage is the foundation for every other thing in this earthly life…

God created the man, and he said it is not good for him to be alone. So he created the woman, and there was marriage…Read Genesis 2: 1-25.

Marriage is something God established well before children, church, Ministry or anything else. So marriage is that kind of primary, foundational, priority thing.


I sincerely believe that the most important Ministers’ or Leadership Meeting/Conference/Seminar, should be marriage meetings…Yes!

If you have read 1 Timothy 3, and the book of Titus, for instance, you will see that the qualifications for Ministry are a good marriage and a good home…

After “apt to teach” the rest of the passage is talking about what kind of man, what kind of husband, what kind of father, what kind of children, what kind of home and what kind of marriage a man who desires a leadership office in the Church should have.

Do you know why? It is because the same (not similar) principles that make a successful home, make a successful Church. Yes!


You do understand, of, course, that whether it’s business, Ministry, or whatever, you can’t just expect it to thrive and never invest in it.

You must always sow and make investments into anything you want to see thrive and flourish – especially your marriage.

You see, more Ministers of the Gospel (Bishops, Pastors, Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers, etc), need to make more investments in their Marriages and Ministries, by being more frequent in Marriage Meetings/Seminars.

This is because if their marriages and families are healthy and flourishing, the marriages and families of their members will in turn flourish…which will invariably greatly translate to a healthy, growing and prosperous church!

Faith, we are told, comes by hearing…So, faith for a healthy and flourishing marriage, of course, doesn’t come by hearing the Word on water baptism, or church growth, for instance…

If you’re going to have faith for a strong and successful marriage, you need to hear the Word of God concerning marriage, otherwise your marriage will suffer…Read Jeremiah 5:4; Hosea 4:6; Psalm 82:5.

Prosperity or church growth meetings are very common. Many people hear about it and they’re excited…

But I tell you, real prosperity is a good marriage, a good home…a good relationship with your wife, your children and grandchildren…That’s something no money can buy…Nor can any method or gimmicks make happen for you.

As a Minister of the Gospel, making your marriage work (not looking for how to get out of it) is a must…if you must get a “well done thou good and faithful servant” from the Master at the end.

May the sweet Lord give you understanding and a new sense of value for your marriage, in Jesus name! Peace!




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