August Edition, last Sunday…

Lecture Topic:


Do you know that your life will have more meaning if you understand and do marriage well? Read Genesis 1:18-24 – MSG

Marriage is the joining of a man and a woman as husband and wife, to become united as one – Genesis 2:23-24 – NLT

So, When you hear “marriage”, it is not talking about business transactions, career, profession, a vocation or an occupation. No!

All the above are what you do mostly outside the home…and for the primary purpose of trading your skills and training for an income, or making a living…and of course to serve humanity.

-As for marriage…

Marriage is what husband and wife do…And it is in the home they do it…

And it is primarily for the purpose of creating an atmosphere conducive for birthing, nurturing, teaching, training and raising the next generation of men and women that will determine the spiritual, political, social and economic well-being of the family, the community, the church and the nation.


-The responsibility of marriage is primarily that of husband and wife…

Only husband and wife do marriage…

-The focus of this teaching is to make us understand that marriage is a home affair…

That is, the home is the atmosphere for marriage…It’s the appointed place to do marriage.

That makes what you do in the home, as husband and wife …(not as father and mother, not as son/daughter to your parents, brother/sister to your siblings,

uncle/aunt to your nieces and nephews)..

None of these things you are to others should ever be allowed to determine or affect what you think, say or do in your marriage…and when and how you say or do

And what will give you the controlling mindset to do what is required of you as a husband/wife, so as not to hurt your marriage…is your appropriate and correct knowledge of what God requires of you…Jeremiah 5:4 – GNB.


-Many are doing marriage with so much foolishness, and so much carelessness…on a daily basis! I tell you!

-Psalm 107:17

-Proverbs 19:2 & 3; v16 also – GNB, MSG

It is the quality of your knowledge that qualifies your and invariably determines your results or success on the job…

-What kind of knowledge are you doing marriage with?

-Who taught you the wisdom you’re using to do marriage?

-Where did you learn it?

-Who did you learn it from?

-Looking at the state of your marriage, is what you know working for you?

-Is the way you’re doing marriage working for you?…Is it giving you the best result?





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