WILL YOU MARRY ME? with Ada Ezeka

(answering your questions on relationship)


Ma, is dating necessary before marriage…If “Yes!”, for how long?

A: Yes dating is necessary before marriage…But in courtship!

Because boyfriend/girlfriend is not allowed in Christianity…Besides, why waste your love, time, energy, gifts, money,etc on a guy or girl that will later leave you to go settle down with someone else? It’s foolishness! Absolutely counterproductive!

I always tell girls, you were not created for a boyfriend or sugar daddy, or someonelses’s husband…you were created for a husband…your own husband…wait for him…Don’t make yourself a second-hand material by the time he comes! Maintain your self respect and the dignity of womanhood…Yes!

I’ve come to see that the boyfriend/girlfriend syndrome, is a magnetic field of sin and promiscuity…an alternative to marriage that satan has provided for the youth of today…

They’re not married, yet they’re doing everything that only married people are supposed to do (even getting pregnant and having babies)!

Dating is necessary for people in courtship…so you can get to know each other better, and begin to build a relationship that will continue in marriage (but it must be discreetly and with decency and caution – no carelessness…no mischief)!

It will also help you to know the stuff your fiance/fiancée is made of…So you can decide whether you can live together happily and profitably as husband and wife that will enhance each other, or not…

The how long should be long enough to study and know enough about each other…to be able to decide whether to continue or break the courtship.

What’s the hurry anyway? You have a whole lifetime to live together! You don’t want to live it in misery and regret, do you?

Wisdom…and the fear of God, is the name of the game!

And…Make sure you don’t leave God out of it all, okay? He’s very interested in your future…Read Jeremiah 29:11-13.

You’re blessed!


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