Text : Luke 15:11-14

“…he wasted all his money in wild living…his money ran out…and he began to starve.”

Do you know? It’s not money that makes you rich…It’s what you do with money that makes you rich…Yes!

I’ve come to realize, also, that the difference between rich people and poor people…is what they did/do with their money…

The daily paid bricklayer, for instance, has remained in that state year in year out…because as soon as he gets his pay that day, he spends it all to meet needs…and waits for the next day’s pay!

But do you know the same man can go from that poverty state to a place of employer of labour…to a place of passing down wealth (not poverty) to his children?

Those who spend all the money that they get, will never come out of poverty…because only money invested multiplies and translates to wealth and riches…

Many poor people are praying everyday…and waiting for God to bring them out of poverty…

But listen…God doesn’t give people wealth…he gives them power to get/make wealth…What you do with that power is up to you…Deuteronomy 8:18.

And God also teaches you to make profit…it’s also up to you to let him teach you…Isaiah 46:

But as for God, his will is that your silver and gold multiply…(Deuteronomy 8:13)…Not by gambling…winning a lottery…or waiting for a windfall…But by doing with the money he gives you, what will make it multiply…not what will make it finish…Read 2Corinthians 9:5-6.

Do you know that even wealth that is not properly managed can soon become poverty? So it’s not about how much money you make or have…It’s how you manage it.

Many are under the misconception that it’s more money that will bring them out of poverty…So they’re willing to do anything for money!

Many also believe that more money in their hands will solve all their problems…So they live, sleep and dream money all the time…No wonder the Bible said , “the love of money is the root of all evil…”

I ask you again…what are you doing with your money? Are you wasting it on wild living? Are you spending it all to settle needs? Or are you investing it?

Know this…God has not called us to manage poverty…He has called us to manage wealth! Never allow money to run out in your hands…

But know this…no one with poverty mentality can manage wealth!

And instead of envying the rich…humble yourself and go find out what they did with money that came to them (as it also comes to you) to become rich…

Don’t be deceived…Not everybody who is rich is a thief!

May this week bring you opportunities that will change your status permanently…in Jesus precious name!




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