I was looking at Jesus in Philippians 2:5-11, and it dawned on me that, it takes humility to do the will of God.

What that tells me, also, is that it takes humility to walk in faith…Because faith is total submission to the will and ways of God.

So, a proud man can never operate in faith. Yes, because he trusts in himself too much – his position, his title, his influence, his connections, his qualification, his bank account… So, why then does he need God?

I tell you, it will take humility of heart for a man to have all these things and still bother about what the Word of God says, enough to yield all his faculties to it…Or think “Nevertheless, what saith the Scriptures “ before taking any decision…

Because real faith is anchored on your convictions and absolute confidence in the Word (opinion, ways, instructions and the principles) of God, which leaves no room for self reliance, Satanic insinuations, or alternatives. That was how Jesus operated…(check that out in John 5:17-30).

The Father was always his reference point. For instance… ” My father worketh hitherto, and I work”, he said in John 5:17.

And in John 5:19, he said,

“Whatsoever the son sees the Father do, that’s what the son does also…”

That’s why the faith that the believer is expected to operate with/in, is “the faith of Jesus Christ”…Like Paul said of himself in Galatians 2:20.

Well now, let me not take this farther than this…But you can…As you go on ahead and think on this, and also check out more Scriptures…

Do have a blessed and fulfilling day, in Jesus precious name!






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