Text : John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I have come to the conclusion that the primary and all-encompassing purpose of Ministry, is to minister God’s love to people – both the saved and the unsaved, the poor and the rich, the week and the strong, the good and the bad – no discrimination.

(I always say that the Word of God does not choose who to bless, it is for “whosoever”…Yes!)

So when you minister, don’t choose what to say, (and how to say it) to the rich and enlightened; and a different thing for the poor and illiterate. No! Never minister with respect for persons.

Also, whether you’re ministering to a great crowd, or a gathering of 2 or 3 people, minister only God’s love, with the same joy, zeal, unction and passion…God is watching!

The gospel of Christ is actually the gospel of the love of God. Isn’t that what John 3:16 makes us understand?

So if your ministration is void of love (God’s love, not the human so fickle and unreliable so-called love), it’s not the Ministry of Jesus Christ.

Never minister with gain (what you will get) in mind. Whether you’re ministering to the rich and influential or the poor and indigent, let your ministration be the same – rich and sincere.

Always point people to God’s unfailing love, not to material, physical or natural things. Because in the love of God is everything they will ever need from God…

In the love of God is life, wealth, health, sufficiency, provisions, peace, joy, rest, safety, wisdom and knowledge, ever-present help (in fact, everything as God has it), for every man to freely and richly enjoy! I tell you!

That’s why it’s important not to preach condemnation, judgement or the wrath of God. Don’t even preach men’s faults and wrong doings to them – there’s no power in such preaching to help them come to a place where God can help them come out of it.

Just preach the love of God and all his goodness that came with it for man to enjoy and praise God. That is what commands the miracles, signs and wonders in Ministry – no manipulations, no struggles! Read John 6:17-19.

Jesus is the love of God manifested in a human form that can be seen, received and appropriated by all men: sinners, saints, lepers, prostitutes, witches, adulterers, demon-possessed people – even the dead!

Oh yes! Even the dead (in the Ministry of Jesus) could hear, recognize and believe the love of God in his voice enough for the power of it to bring them back to life! Read John 5: 25-28. Alleluia!

So, precious man and woman of God, Just minister the love of God, and leave the rest to God. Okay?

The world of humanity (both saved and unsaved) is in dare need of this great love that is so rich in “the grace that bringeth salvation”.

Jesus Christ is the love of God…So, go get a revelation of him, and just preach him! All the gain and good things you need and desire, will come to you in an exceeding and abundantly more than you can ever think or ask for dimensions! In Jesus name! All my love!