Dear husband, if you allow your wife to call the shots, your marriage and the home will suffer!

It’s against God’s recommended hierarchy in

1Corinthians 11:3… Yes!

In the home, the woman was created to follow…

And the man was mandated to offer her leadership…

The Message Bible says it’s leadership “ not by domineering but by cherishing…(with) “a love marked by giving, not getting…” – Ephesians 5:22-31.

But like I always say, “only strong leadership commands strong followership.”

Yes, the woman was created and wired to submit to her husband… But, I tell you, one thing a woman will never submit to is weak leadership…She is just too loaded for that…

Rather, she takes over the leadership responsibility in the home…(which is the situation in many, many homes)…Not to despise the man, though, but to cover up for him before men…Especially his family members…

That’s the “helpmeet” anointing at work. Those who don’t understand this conclude that she has her husband wrapped around her little finger…

Or that she has “jazzed”/ “charmed” him…

Or that the man has become “woman wrapper”…

Or, in Zee World language, “a hen-pecked husband”. 😁

What I’m I saying?

Every woman appreciates and respects a husband who offers her a strong and quality leadership that she can trust to make her life better in many ways…Yes!



#marriage #submission


#married #couples

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