Text: Deuteronomy 8:18

“But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth…”

One early morning, precisely at about 2.15 am, I was listening to my favorite music (which always stirs me up to a deep worship), when God began to take me to the deep of Deuteronomy 8:18.

It’s not as if I was meditating on that scripture, no! I was just lost in worship…

Then, on the tablet of my heart, I began to read…(and of course, as an ever ready writer) I began to write:

“When I remember the Lord my God in tithes, offerings and Kingdom investments, etc; it’s not gifts I should expect in return (that’s just crumbs…fringe benefits)”.

What then should I expect? I asked. “Power to get wealth! Power to command wealth! Power to attract wealth into my life!”

Wealth, not gifts! Did you hear that? I’m doing all it takes to get wealth (according to God’s financial principles), and all I’ve been expecting is gifts from men (with my mind on Luke 6:38).

(Don’t blame me; that’s where I was at then in understanding). I have been working with my hands, my mind, all of my strength, my time…and all I have been expecting is what men can give me, instead of wealth! Nothing man ever gives you can equal wealth…Never!

I cried, “Oh God, forgive me! How I have limited you in my life! How I have limited the power that all my givings have accumulated unto me for wealth! Oh God, forgive me!”


When you remember the Lord your God in tithes, offerings and Kingdom investments (Malachi 3:8-10; 2Corinthians 9:5-10), it is not money, clothes, car, house, etc that is released or given to you from him. It is POWER! Power that will keep wealth answering in your life. Yes!

Now, what is this “power to get wealth” that God gives? This is what God told me…It is:

>Creative abilities

>A virile and productive mind that can conceive witty and new inventions

>Eyes to see what others don’t see…Ears to hear what others don’t hear.

>A fertile heart for divine inspirations

>Productive wealth-generating ideas

>Divine contacts, connections, favors, open doors

>Divine instructions

>Working hands…ever-working tireless hands

>Extraordinary strength in your body that keeps you going and ever on the job

>Passion for knowledge,order and excellence…

“Power (anointing) to get wealth”! That is, power to do what it takes for wealth to come! That’s where it is. Alleluia!