* When Motherhood has taken second place to:

– the love of career…

– the craze for profession….

– the rat race to make more money to make ends meet, and be like “the Joneses” as they say…


* Whether you’re poor or rich, there’s no excuse for failure in motherhood!

* Whether you went to school or not…

– whether your husband loves you or not, treats you well or not..

– whether you’re a widow, seperated or divorced…

– There’s no excuse for failure in motherhood!

* The world is at the mercy of mothers…

– Because nations are shaped by men and women raised by mothers!

* Motherhood is a God-given assignment that must totally depend on God…

– not your emotions, sentiments, or fancy ideas…

– not on circumstances

– not on the environment

– not on the tradition or culture of your people. Yes!

– Because you’re raising that child/children primarily for God, not your people

– Malachi 2:15; Proverbs 22:6….

– He then determines what and how he uses the training you have given him or her to be a blessing to the world..

* Are you a Christian?

-So what kind of Christian are you? An ignorant or well-informed one?

– Because it will determine the kind of Christian mother you are – Jeremiah 6:4;Psalm 82:5; Genesis 1:11 &14.

* Note also that motherhood is in the home…

– not in the school

– not in the church

– not in the office

– not in the market or your business place

– Children are raised and empowered with godly and family values in the home – Mark 4:1-11; Luke 24:49 (the home is the child’s Jerusalem).

* So you must be at home…

– And the child/children you’re mothering must be at home too…

– not in the boarding school

– or living with somebody else

– because nobody else can raise your child to be your kind, no matter how rich or better than you you may think they are.

* Mothers raise and train children at home and give them back to God and the society as sons, useful adults, and as reliable family and nation builders – Isaiah 7:9.

Can’t you see?

Motherhood is a responsibility that cannot be delegated. Yes! What an awesome responsibility!!