Your heart powers your life, you know?

You will hear things o! Including gossip about yourself, your husband/wife or someone else. Yes!

But it’s your personal responsibility to choose what to believe.

However, thank God for the Word of God! God’s Word is the final and God’s opinion concerning anyone or any thing. It’s the most reliable intel for decision-making anytime.

So, whatever you hear that does not agree with God’s Word is a lie from the pit of hell. Once you accept or give it the slightest attention, it pollutes your heart!

So be sober, be vigilant; because it’s usually a very subtle strategy of the devil to corner you into a place of disadvantage… so that he can make you a victim….

Now, can I tell you one hard truth?

Anyone that comes to tell you any unsavory “news” about your wife/husband, or about what somebody said about you DOES NOT LOVE YOU AT ALL! Period!