We often hear it said that you can’t give what you don’t have. That is true.

You are your greatest asset!

That is…What you bring to the table in any assignment given to you, or any challenge you’re faced with at anytime, is the quality of you.

That is what will determine your productivity and results – it will determine whether you fail or succeed, whether you have something to offer or not.

We are coming together, at this year’s PASTORS’ WIVES & WOMEN IN MINISTRY/LEADERSHIP SUMMIT…to learn how we can improve our value and our worth…

So as to increase our success rate on our jobs and responsibilities in our marriages, Ministries, careers, businesses, etc.

Make out time to join us…

It’s this Friday October 18, 2019

Time is 8.00am – 1:30pm

Please see Invitation card for more details…