Will You Marry Me? with Ada Ezeka

(answering your questions on relationships)

Q: Nene Onyemali:

What do you do when a man you love threatens to end a courtship because you refused to have sex with him?

A: Mummy:

Yes,baby,let him go get someone else to devour. The man who is truly your husband will cherish u too much to want to defile you. His vision of u is beyond sex; he’s seeing d wealth of a future with you as his wife…Can’t trade that 4 just a flimsy moment of pleasure(Hebrews 11v27-29,Genesis 39v1-9). Life has more meaningful, enduring pleasures to offer than “deadly” sex before marriage(Ask Amnon-2Samuel chp 13-he slaughtered his place as a future king at d altar of ungodly sexual desires;huh!)

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