A woman who spent all her married life troubling the family she came into with hatred, malice, diabolical practices, strife, gossip, animosity and all manner of wickedness dies, and her obituary reads:

” EXIT OF A VIRTOUS WOMAN”. And I began to wonder : “What an abuse of words!”

The world knows how to so abuse a word or concept until it loses value and really no longer means anything. I think it’s a satanic ploy to rubbish the things that matter to God and keep man at a level so debased that it’s difficult for God to reach him…

Secondly, the world’s definition of “virtuous woman” is now based on how domesticated and “housewifely” the woman is

Who is a virtous woman?

It’s actually who you are on the inside. A woman full of the virtues of the fear of God, the wisdom of God, strength of character, patience, love, a sound knowledge and understanding of God and his ways… These virtues then control the things you think, say and do… It is, basically, something on the inside that has so much to show on the outside…

“The kings daughter is glorious within… “

Read: Jeremiah 9:23-24; Proverbs 31:10-31; 1Peter 3:1-3; Colossians 1:9-11.




Marriages are perfected in love…

And God has borrowed us some love in our hearts for that purpose…

So, every marriage can succeed…Yes!

Every marriage can be perfect…Yes!

That is…if we will depend on that love, instead of our so-fickle human love…


Let’s stop limiting love to emotions…to just sensual sensitivities (which is more of the time fueled by lust)!

God is love; and God is not in the realm of the senses.

True,real powerful,dependable love, is God at work in a man’s heart, determining his responses, thoughts, words, actions, choices and decisions…for a meaningful and peaceful life that brings God joy and glory….and frustrates the devil! Yes.



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