If you want victories in this life, Faith is it! Faith delivers victory always – not shame, losses or disappointments…1Jn 5:4

This heavenly life must be by faith. It must be as real to you in your heart as this physical life man inherited from Adam…No matter the adverse situations…Yes!

Heaven is all about God. So God on earth is heaven on earth. And Jesus brought God back on earth bodily. Alleluia!

In Christ heaven and earth became one. So the day you were born into Christ, you were born into heaven. It’s an unchangeable eternal reality… In Jesus,man and God became one, to make heaven a seeable and an enjoyable reality here on earth. Don’t let religion cheat you out of it!

If you are in Christ, heaven is not a destination or a location. It is the reality of God to be experienced in this life,NOW!


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