WILL YOU MAARRY ME? with Ada Ezeka

(answering your questions on relationship)


Can I marry someone I don’t love?


Recently, I heard my husband say: “There’s nowhere in the Bible where God said, ‘Marry the one you love’. What God said is, ‘Love the one you have married.’

I was very excited about this, because it corroborated with a wisdom I once shared on this WYMM? Page.

I said,”Don’t marry for love sake,marry for marriage sake”. Then, I began to put many scriptures together and I saw that everywhere God talked about love between the opposite sex, it was always with reference to husband and wife. Read Ephesians 5v25; Titus 2v3-4.

So I came to the conclusion that true and pure,unselfish love is only possible between husband and wife.

I now understood why what is called love between the opposite sex always led to the sin of fornication and sexual immorality. Why? They’re treading forbidden grounds! God reserved love between the male and female, for husband and wife…which naturally is supposed to stir up emotions that will lead them on to sex…which God designed to increase bonding into “one flesh” between both of them.

Can’t you see, people, that the so called love that leads people to believe they are meant for each other is the wrongest signal or confirmation of who your husband/wife is?

No wonder there’s been so many regrets in marriage! The love was baseless- no foundation beyond feelings and physical attraction! But when a husband loves his wife(not his fiancee)…when a wife loves her husband,it’s a love that God gets committed to sustaining…it’s love that keeps growing and getting stronger by the day…it’s love that has a future! Guys, ladies, the most authentic way to know who your husband or wife is(if you are a Spirit-filled Christian) is by a witness of the Holy Spirit in your heart, which will probably not have anything to do with feelings or any physical thing you can put your finger on (read 1 Corinthians 2v9-10).

Hard work? Yes! Because marriage is a matter of life and death…believe me!