Some women like to comfort themselves by saying. “I’m in this marriage because of my children…”

That’s not true. You’re in the marriage because of your husband…And if your relationship with your husband works, it is to the children’s advantage and profit.

Because it’s our marriages that make our children…not the other way round…

A troubled and unhealthy marriage will hurt your children and their growth, big time. Yes!

Don’t shelf your ministry to your husband because children came.

Motherhood does not retire you from wifehood (your Ministry to your husband).

Otherwise, when the children are gone, loneliness will plague you…

Because when the man needed your companionship, you were busy with the children…And now, other passions and interests have long taken your place in his heart and life…

Hey, I’m I talking to someone here? Tell me!

By the way, did you forget that before the children came, it’s your husband you were married to? Your marriage came before the children…Your children were born into the marriage…

And just like fishes are born into water, may the water not become polluted or poisoned…otherwise the fishes are as good as dead!

Your marriage is the earth your children are born into as seeds, to grow and bring forth fruit hundredfold…

Now…Try comparing a seed planted in a fertile ground to that planted in a ground that lacks manure and nutrients…

Are you getting the picture?

So please, don’t sacrifice your marriage at the altar of motherhood…That’s not wisdom, it’s foolishness…And foolishness will never give you the result wisdom will give you. No, never!



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